Sentra 1.6 liter

Great car overall, but over 250,000 mileage it's time to sell

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Sentra E 1.6Litre, fuel injected

It's a GREAT car, EXCEPT for this one unbelievably up-setting problem

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Sentra xe 1.6 Inline 4 TBI

Best bang for the buck

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Sentra LX sedan 1.6L inline 4

Awesome first car

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Sentra 1.6

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Sentra 2 Door Coupe 1.6 litre Inline 4 cylinder

I would buy another Sentra in a minute!

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Sentra Wagon XE 1.6L

A great car for the money..

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Sentra 4wd wagon 1.6L

Couldn't be a more perfect design for a sensible buyer

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A cute little car that doesn't run too well

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Sentra E 1.6L fuel injected

An inexpensive plain, but attractive looking car for the money. Rivals the reliability of a Honda !

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Sentra 1.6 4 cylinder

Cost effective comfort

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Sentra E 1.6L 69hp 4cyl gas

Economy backed up with solid quality and character

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Sentra 4 cylinder


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Sentra E 1.6 gas

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