1988 Nissan Sentra SGX 1.6 from Indonesia


Probably once a great car. Mine was however; ready to retire


What didn't go wrong with this car. Basically to write them all would be unfair. I honestly believe that this car had a hard life. The blue book shows it had had 6 or more owners before me. It had serious problems with the power steering (often bursting/leaking everywhere) as well as almost every seal leaking at some stage or another.

Oh, and the rust in this car was horrible.

I probably spend $500-600 (cost of labour and parts here is a lot cheaper) trying to fix it up before I gave up.

General Comments:

I actually liked this car a lot as it was my first car. It worked great for the first 6 months, and for that time I truly believed many of the good reviews about it on this site. I also received many complements from friends who rode in it. One of my friends liked it so much he bought it of me for half what I paid for it, and I helped him push it out of the garden it had been sitting in for 2 weeks (had left me stranded too many times, so it retired there).

My friend is a pretty good mechanic so he fixed it up pretty nicely. It still however has its issues, and around 2 months ago I helped him tow it from the side of the road back to his place as it conked out on him.

Anyway, I'm sure if you can buy one in good nick it wouldn't be that bad. A later year Corolla seems like it would have held up better though. Just my experience/opinion.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2010

1st May 2010, 01:51

I'm curious what's the blue book for?

2nd May 2010, 10:49

Really? Kelly Blue Book told you how many previous owners your car had? I think you mean CARFAX.

26th Oct 2010, 04:14

I am the original reviewer. The ownership book here (in Indonesia) is blue in colour. Sorry for not clarifying for those in other countries where the ownership book is not blue or there is no ownership book.

Since writing the review I have helped my stranded friend yet again. The car is now ironically being worked on in the same spot that we pushed it out of three years ago.

1988 Nissan Sentra SGS 1.6 petrol four from Australia and New Zealand


Not worth the trouble


Seats were already quite worn when I first bought the car, but it got worse as the days went by.

Radiator started leaking at 166000 kms, so was overheating, and then caused the next problem, which was the head gasket blew just 2000 kms later.

Around 170000kms, the car would be hard to start when warm, and after 3 goes, the car would flood.

When cold, the choke would have a mind of its own, so would have to use the accelerator to warm it up.

General Comments:

The seats wore quite quickly, and the dashboard faded in parts, so you could tell the different plastics.

The car was good on trips into town, but felt underpowered compared to my previous 1.6 Corolla.

Overall, I dreaded owning my Sentra, and would not consider buying another vehicle from this manufacturer.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2010

1988 Nissan Sentra ZXE 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome for a 20 year old car


Have only had one problem that I can remember and that was the clutch wearing out. Other than that, and general maintenance, there is nothing bad I can say about this car.

General Comments:

This is a wonderful first car. I would probably use it until it breaks down if I didn't want a more powerful car.

I work as a pizza delivery expert and drive in excess of 100km a day. It's unbelievable how long this car is lasting and I must say I have a very large soft spot for it. It will be a shame to see it go, if it ever does.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2008

2nd May 2013, 16:23

I got one used in 1993. This car had only 1000 miles on it, it was bare bones, but that means less to go bad. No air, no power anything except for brakes, this had to be one of the best trouble free cars I had ever had, and a good thing as I did not make too much $ at the time to fix it.

I must say that this car and me had a good time together. I traded it when it had over 200k miles on it with only general repairs. Loved my 88 Sentra...