Sentra SE-R 2.0

Fantastic. A classic

169 words, 1 comment

Sentra SE-R 2.0

The ultimate sleeper

515 words, 2 comments

Sentra XE

Fantastically reliable, cheap, dependable transportation for any time of year

408 words

Sentra XE 1.6L

Most reliable car I've ever owned, no competition

64 words

Sentra XE 1.6L GA16DE

The car that only rust can kill

172 words

Sentra Classic 1.6 litre

$1000 winter beater; worth every penny!!!

130 words

Sentra 4 door base model 1.6L, 4 cylinder

It is made out of awesome

676 words, 2 comments

Sentra EX 1.6

If I could find a reliable car like this one for the price I paid for it, Id' do it now

98 words

Sentra XE 1.6 Liter 4 Cylinder

One that I should have never bought

327 words, 18 comments

Sentra XE 1.6

Decent car, you get what you pay for

106 words, 3 comments

Sentra E 1.6L DOHC

The greatest car you can ever love. Read my Great Review

270 words

Sentra E 1.6

18 words

Sentra SE-R

A great car

115 words

Sentra XE 1.6

Reliability shaped into a sedan

61 words

Sentra XE 1.3

Dependable and very good on gas

57 words

Sentra Limited Edition XE

This car is efficient, reliable, safe, and the years treat it well

286 words

Sentra XE 4 cylinder

My best friend.

278 words

Sentra XE 1.6L

A true black stallion

118 words, 1 comment

Sentra XE 1.6L

A Japanese Ford..

229 words, 2 comments

Sentra E 1.6

Fuel-efficient car you just CAN'T kill!

203 words

Sentra XE 1.6

Amazing little car!

35 words

Sentra XE 4 cylinder

Reliable and economical

181 words, 3 comments

Sentra XE 1.6

Great little car

82 words

Sentra E

Amazing and reliable car

102 words, 2 comments

Sentra SE-R DOHC 16-valve 2.0-liter 4-in-line

The perfect college car for low budget single students

283 words

Sentra XE 1.6

This car is going to go at least 300,000 miles!

115 words

Sentra XE 1.6L I4

The '93 Nissan Sentra XE will get you from point A to point B, don't expect much more

89 words

Sentra SE-R 2.0

There is no comparison for the money... period!

138 words

Sentra XE 4 cylinder

Unreliable piece of crap!

122 words, 2 comments

Sentra XE 4 cylinder

A trustworthy member of the family

76 words

Sentra XE 1.6L in-line 4 cylinder

An efficient car that is quite fun to drive

58 words

Sentra EX 1.6

My next used car will be a Nissan

77 words, 1 comment

Sentra XE 1.6L

It is good if you buy it new

114 words, 6 comments

Sentra SE-R 2.0 liter 4-cylinder

89 words, 2 comments

Sentra XE

61 words, 1 comment