Montana EXT

Great van if you don't mind spending 5 times the amount you paid to cover repairs... constantly!

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This is a well-made family vehicle

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Montana 3.4

Not dependable

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Montana 3.4 liter

Pontiac needs to own-up to and fix their pre-planned problems

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Montana 3.4

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This car should have been recalled long ago, and GM should fix everyone's Montana for free!

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Montana Transport 3.4L

All around good family vehicle

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Montana 3.4

Too bad they like losing customers

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Montana 3.4

Smooth and comfortable ride with excellent handling

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Montana Extended 3.6L

If I only had one car again, this would be it

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Montana 3.4

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Montana 5-Door 6 cylinder

Very reliable, fuel-efficient,nice ride

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Montana 3.4

It's stayed running for me and my wife for five years. No major complaints

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Montana 3.4

Fun, Spacious, and worth it!

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The most versatile, reliable van I have owned

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Montana 3.4

Not worth a tank of gas

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Montana EXT 3.4L

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Frankly, I'm overwhelmed with the electrical problems

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Montana 3.4

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Montana Extended

This car is a money pit

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Montana EX 3.4 V6

A giant sink hole for repair $$$

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Montana EX 3.4 V6 Gas

Good value, but only purchase with extended warranty and expect some problems

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Poor Choice -- Avoid at all costs!

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If I knew what I know now I wouldn't have bought it

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Montana Extended 3.0 six

All the comforts without the reliability!

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Montana Ext 3.4

Best value around, even given the normal problems with this model

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Montana LX

I'm disappointed in an otherwise great vehicle

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Montana Van 3.4 liter V6

Bad transmission, beware could be a financial nightmare

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This van needs to be inspected to make sure the parts that are defective are replaced

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Montana Extended 3.4 V6

I was happy in the beginning, but now would never buy another

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Montana 3.4 Liter 3.4 SFI

So far so good but fearing the worst

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A real headache

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Montana 3.4

What we've come to expect from GM these days

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Wish my ex-wife had taken it in the divorce!

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Montana SE Pass Ext 3.4L 6 cylinder Gasoline

A reliabilility disapointment

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Montana extended 3.4

Buyer beware

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Montana Extended

A good deal if you're a gambling man

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Don't even consider buying this van!

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Montana Extended

Think Twice before buying

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Montana 3.4L V6

If you buy this van, your mechanic will love you!

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Montana Extended 6 cylinder

Expensive to maintain

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Montana 4.3L

Join AAA - towing gets expensive

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Montana extented wheel base 3.4 LT

Poor quality product, failed to live up to expectations.

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Montana Trans Sport 6 cylinder

Nice riding vehicle for a family of 6

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What can go wrong next?

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High cost nightmare!

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Extended Warranty is recommended

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Montana Extended 3.4


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Montana 3.4L

This van has many expensive problems that seem to keep coming up all the time

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Montana 3.5

I would buy another!

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Montana 3.4

A lot of vehicle for the money

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Montana 3.4L

A great looking van ruined by poor quality

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