Sunfire GT 2.4L 4 cylinder

A very dependable car when taken care of!

60 words, 1 comment

Sunfire SE 4 dr 2.0

Good reliable cheap GM car!!

151 words, 1 comment

Sunfire LX ?

It's dependable, reliable, and a great car to drive

135 words

Sunfire SE 2.2 litre 4 cylinder

You get what you pay for, a good reliable second/starter/winter car

314 words


Decent car for what it is, and definitely worth the price

330 words

Sunfire GT

Looks nice - but looks can be deceiving!!!

323 words, 2 comments

Sunfire GT 2.4

How about one word...Horrible!

183 words

Sunfire GTS 2.2L

It is what it is, cheap

54 words

Sunfire GT 2.4

The best car to grace the road

349 words

Sunfire GT

Thinking about getting a '97 Sunfire GT?... DON'T DO IT!

520 words, 7 comments

Sunfire 2.2L V4

Runs forever without seeing a shop

96 words

Sunfire 2.2L 4 Cylinder

Great fun car to drive, good strong little motor

25 words

Sunfire 2.2

It has been good me. Lucky I guess!

383 words, 5 comments


Pretty good little car

616 words, 4 comments


Do not buy!! worst car ever!

189 words

Sunfire sunfire GT 2.4 quad


76 words, 1 comment


This is the worst excuse for a car ever made

212 words, 6 comments

Sunfire 2.2

Got my money's worth

34 words

Sunfire GT 2.2

Great, but the manufacturer needs more work on the engine and power train

64 words, 1 comment

Sunfire SE Dual Exhuast

Good looking and running first vehicle for anyone

113 words

Sunfire Convertible

I've enjoyed having this car

116 words, 3 comments

Sunfire SE 2.2

149 words

Sunfire SE 2 door 2.2L

Freaking awesome!!

105 words

Sunfire SE 2.2L Straight 4

It rocks! I love my car!!!

75 words

Sunfire 2.2

I'll never buy a GM product again, more because of my dealings with GM than the problem with the car

71 words

Sunfire 2 door coupe 2.2L

Excellent car for the price... fun to drive

30 words, 7 comments

Sunfire 4 Door Sedan 2.4 liter engine

The 1997 Model of the sunfire was a great car

69 words

Sunfire SE 2.2


232 words, 2 comments


71 words, 1 comment

Sunfire GTX 2.2

I will never buy a GM product again - I consider this car my hunk of junk!!!

215 words, 2 comments

Sunfire SE 2.2

Never again

95 words, 2 comments

Sunfire SE 4-cylindar

Good quality for what it is

136 words

Sunfire GT 2.4L twin overhead cam

Great for the price

84 words, 1 comment

Sunfire GT

Dependable with plenty of get up and go!

109 words

Sunfire GT 2.4

Excellent couples car

76 words

Sunfire GT 2.4

I think the Sunfire GT is a great car if you take care of it

57 words

Sunfire SE 2.2 liter gas

A good around town car, good gas mileage

143 words

Sunfire SE 2.2

Reliable Car good for students

92 words

Sunfire SE 4 Door 2.2 Liter

Good car, Great bargain, Awesome mileage

89 words

Sunfire GT 2.4

It is a medium car

70 words

Sunfire GT 2.3L

46 words, 1 comment

Sunfire SE Convertible 2.7L

If you want a convertible, spend more and get a Sebring!

194 words, 2 comments

Sunfire GT 2.4

This car is easy to take care of and has provided me with years of service

131 words

Sunfire 4 Door Sedan 2.4 Cylinder

A great little buzzer!

184 words

Sunfire SE 2.2

Great economy car with style

206 words

Sunfire SE 2.2

Own one? Get rid of it before it kills you!!!

185 words, 3 comments

Sunfire GT 2.4

Not a bad car for the dollar, but if you can afford better buy better!!

93 words, 1 comment

Sunfire GT 2.4 Twin Cam

Attractive, quick, and fun to drive

99 words, 1 comment

Sunfire SE

I hate it!!!

351 words, 2 comments

Sunfire SE 2.2

This car runs great until it burns down

54 words, 1 comment

Sunfire GT 2.4 DOHC

Not worth the money that I paid for it

58 words, 2 comments


An unreliable car!

72 words

Sunfire GT 2.4

A great used car for a young driver

97 words, 1 comment

Sunfire SE 2.2

Good starter car for the younger generation

98 words

Sunfire SE 2.2L

Never buy this car new, wait until it hits the used car lot, after all it will not take long

62 words

Sunfire CVT 2.4 l twin-cam

A sweetheart of a head-turning eye-catching convertible

115 words, 1 comment

Sunfire GT 2.4

Great price, great car :)

64 words, 2 comments

Sunfire GT 2.4 L

OK little sports car..

70 words

Sunfire Coupe SE 2.2

A great price for a nice car!

63 words

Sunfire SE 2.4L engine upgrade

A good car that needed a little more attention when they made it, to the details

68 words

Sunfire SE 2.2L

She's my baby, but she's falling apart, and fast!

132 words, 5 comments

Sunfire SE 2.2

41 words

Sunfire Coupe SE 2.2 liter

33 words, 4 comments