1997 Pontiac Sunfire GT from North America


Looks nice - but looks can be deceiving!!!


I've only owned this car for a little over 2 years, and the car has cost me approximately $4,000 in repairs.

First my battery died (which is acceptable since it was the car's original battery). After that everything seemed to go downhill.

My ignition module had to be replaced (which cost about $500), then my spark plugs and spark plug wires were replaced next.

After that the wheel bearing needed to be replaced and the car made a horrible noise.

Next I started having problems accelerating going up hills. I took it back to the dealership (who absolutely ripped me off) and apparently my catalytic converter was plugged. Then they found that my oxygen sensor was broken and needed to be replaced. I also had new brakes put in.

My car still makes a funny noise, but I can't afford to take it back in. It seems to only happen when we are parked on a hill with the brakes pressed down.

My car also randomly loses all power and shuts itself off completely. I have to put it in park and turn the car back on (at least it does turn back on!).

It has just been one thing after another. When I originally bought the car it only had 68,000 kms on it, so I figured it would run for a few years with no major problems. However, this was not the case. I wouldn't recommend buying this car - seems to be cheaply made.

General Comments:

The good things about the car is all its extras. With the GT model it had a lot of power and handles really nicely. I really liked the sunroof and all the automatic features.

The car looks really nice and it still in great condition. The interior is quite nice and has good comfort.

If it wasn't for all the mechanical problems I've had, I would have loved to keep this car for many many years.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2008

10th Jan 2011, 12:34

While reading this review, I agree with you 100%. I purchased a Sunfire GT about 4 years ago and have easily spent about $6000 on it since then in repairs. I was hoping after each thing that "this would be the last thing that went wrong." Boy was I wrong.

My oxygen sensor went along with the spark plugs, my alternator, then there was a leak in my water pump which cost me over $1,000 to fix. There is now a grinding noise when I turn, but like yourself I cannot afford to take it back in. My windshield wipers randomly don't work for about the first 20 minutes I drive the car.

I also have had the exact same experience where the car will just randomly completely lose ALL power and turn off. It used to do it to me going down hills which was really scary.

Basically this car has been the worst choice I have ever made, and I cannot wait to buy a new vehicle when I can finally afford it one day!

Do not buy from Pontiac!

18th Jun 2011, 08:25

I just got a Sunfire GT convertible.

I have experienced the same problem with the car losing power and turning off. After a reasonably easy fix, 12.00 coolant temp sensor, the car runs fine...

Hope this will help your problem.

1997 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4 from North America


How about one word...Horrible!


When I first bought the car, it had a bad gas line that had to be replaced. Then the alternator and battery when out. A couple of months ago, the housing coils where the spark plugs are went bad and caused my engine to severely misfire. The unit, plugs, and one boot had to be replaced. Two months later, the new housing coil unit I had put in it went bad again. Thank god it was still under warranty! I am also having a problem that causes my check engine light to stay on. It reads emissions problem caused by gas cap apparently. I tighten the gas cap as much as possible, but still this doesn't fix the problem.

General Comments:

Whoever said the car sucks gas was right. I thought I'd be saving on gas with this car. WRONG!!! There is also some other small problem with the wheel area that they say will kill my tires faster. I don't know if I can say anything nice about this car. If I had it to do over again, I definitely WOULD NOT buy it!

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2008