1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.2L Straight 4 from North America


It rocks! I love my car!!!


EVAP system malfunction, it's not really a big deal. Other than that it's in perfect shape and it has so many miles on it, it runs great and everything.

General Comments:

This car is really stylish and quick.

It responds very quickly, great on turns.

It's reliable and affordable for most people.

Good gas mileage.

Comfortable seats, although the backseat doesn't have a lot of room, but it folds down so there's a lot of cargo space.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2006

1997 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 from North America


I'll never buy a GM product again, more because of my dealings with GM than the problem with the car


Engine failed at 100,000 km due to a piston knock that was reported during warranty, but "not found".

Steering column harness melted. Recall on problems with fires in the steering column. Again "not found" while under warranty.

Too many other little problems to write down.

General Comments:

Being sporty is about the only thing it has really had going for it.

It did not have bad mileage until the engine started to fail.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2005

1997 Pontiac Sunfire 2 door coupe 2.2L from North America


Excellent car for the price... fun to drive

General Comments:

Very reliable and responsive car.

Upgraded to performance parts resulting in more hp during acceleration.. needs a higher top speed though.. but 0-60mph in about 4.5 sec.. love this car.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2005

11th Feb 2006, 23:25

mine gets up to 60 in 5.0 seconds... so don't talk before you know it, if it takes 10, I would suggest checking your tranny!

15th Apr 2006, 14:19

Well I have just purchased a Sunfire SE 2door coupe and I must admit it does look sporty, but there is noway its going from 0-60 in five seconds.. i believe it would be more like 9 or ten, now I know there was a GT and I know nothing about those so maybe with that engine it might be a little different.

19th May 2006, 15:31

You know I was looking the comment about every cavalier and sunfire owner thinking they have a sports car I find it more true of people in civics and other rice rockets.

5th Jun 2006, 05:12

0 - 60 in 4.5 seconds? Probably more like 14.5 seconds, and maybe 9 with a GT. If you're going to brag about 0 - 60 times or 1/4 mile times, at least have the guts to make it sound realistic. Even better, back it up with a time-slip. (Does this person even drive??)

21st Sep 2006, 15:55

Unless you have extensive modifications, and I mean extensive, you're not hitting 60 in five seconds, so think before you talk.

22nd Sep 2006, 01:11

Maybe he means 60 km/h lol.

26th Sep 2006, 17:24

If people can modify Civics to go as fast as they do then they are not silly. It's a whole different subculture that some of you might not get. But yeah, why not mod a Sunfire, it's about time someone did something with an American sport compact car other than a Neon. I mean GM actually makes superchargers for these cars. So while I don't believe the post about 4.5 in 60, I do believe 6.5 or slightly lower in 60 is possible. I think a Sunfire convertible, with a nice bodykit on it would be a real head turner.

1997 Pontiac Sunfire 4 Door Sedan 2.4 liter engine from North America


The 1997 Model of the sunfire was a great car


The front on the front wheel keeps getting dirty and everything else is clean...

Nothing else...

General Comments:

I liked my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire... I got better gas mileage in that year then I can get with my 2001 Pontiac Sunfire... Seating was alittle off, but comfortable non the less... Got Great trip mileage unlike current model of the 2001 Sunfire... (They lessened the gas tank from 15.5 to 14.5 Why?)

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Review Date: 21st November, 2005

1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.2 from North America




Clock/Radio light decided to stop working.

Replaced the lower right control arm 5 times.

Replaced the rear defroster twice.

2nd gear disappeared with no warning. Had to replace the transmission.

Replaced the struts and the need to be replaced again.

Check Engine light has been on for 4 years and 3 GM dealerships and 2 private mechanics can't figure it out.

Have to change my brakes (rotors too) every 6 months.

Doesn't start in the rain.

Dash vibrates like crazy.

Air conditioner has been fixed 3 times.

Vent pressure very poor.

Windshield wiper fluid dispenser constantly clogs up.

*Please note: all these have been repaired by various mechanics.

General Comments:

Brutal to be stuck with this car. It's a money pit. Its not even fast. I love the 'turbo' button - air condition button (just turn it off and all of a sudden you can pass someone) Sure, it has got me from point A to point B, but the worries and repairs have cost me more than what the car is worth. And the fact that I am fixing things numerous times for items that should be replaced once in a car's lifetime!

I can't afford to keep it and I can't afford to sell it. I hate it. I will never buy another GM/Pontiac. I've unfortunately I've had to endure some of their other lemons... So it isn't just about the Sunfire.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2005

11th Feb 2006, 23:02

It actually sounds to me like you haven't taken good care of your vehicle or the person before you didn't, because I live on a gravel road in the country in Canada (freakin winter wonder land) and my car is wonderful, I have had it for two years and put on 50k and it runs like it did when I got it... boo to you!

8th Sep 2006, 19:15

Well, its funny, I see a lot of other sunfire reviews for this year, and the people who reviewed them all had good things to say. As the above person says I think you didn't take good care of your car, or, out of one in a hundred it's a lemmon.