Legacy 2.2L

Recommended beater that requires little maintenance.

141 words

Legacy LS AWD 2.2L N/A

They don't make em' like this anymore!

137 words

Legacy LX

Very durable and long lived

96 words

Legacy LS AWD 2.2L

VERY reliable, VERY slow, and yet, I LOVE IT!

299 words

Legacy l 2.2 Boxer 4

It is a spacious, low-key, fuel efficient vehicle that can haul a$$

85 words, 1 comment

Legacy LS AWD 2.2 H4

Decent, reliable car, great in the snow

127 words

Legacy LS V4 1.8L

Great Car with Great Mileage even at this age

65 words

Legacy 2.2L direct port injection

My Subaru is an extremely fun vehicle, it has great performance and wonderful reliability.

62 words

Legacy L 1.6

This car is my baby

101 words

Legacy L I-4

Super reliable all wheel drive vehicle thanks Lance

167 words, 2 comments

Legacy L 2.2 H 4

Great for snow!

72 words

Legacy Basic 2.2L

The best car for your money

164 words, 1 comment

Legacy LS 2.2

This is one of the best cars ever

148 words

Legacy LS 2.2

Incredibly dependable and a great inexpensive utility vehicle

116 words

Legacy LS Sedan 2.2L H4

A good car from a good company

83 words

Legacy 2.2

Terrific car from a terrific company

50 words

Legacy ?

I love this car!

114 words