1990 Subaru Legacy LX from North America


Very durable and long lived


Front wheel bearings.

CV joints.

Fuel injectors.

Timing chain.

4wd has started doing a weird jerky thing on sharp turns.

General Comments:

Very good acceleration, but lousy mpg for its size (25mpg highway).

Excellent winter traction - 4wd.

Motor uses almost no oil, even at 300k miles, although it's a bit loud.

Repairs are expensive compared to an American car - the wheel bearings cost about double, for example.

Spent $1500 in 2 years on it, but bought it for $10. If you see a well cared-for car like this with only 150-200k, it's probably a good deal.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2008

1990 Subaru Legacy LS AWD 2.2L from North America


VERY reliable, VERY slow, and yet, I LOVE IT!


Right side head gasket was blown when my sister gave me the car. I went ahead and changed all the gaskets that came in the kit. That was at about 260k miles.

Alternator went out around 300k miles. Got one from a junkyard for $5 with less than half the miles on it.

General Comments:

Extremely reliable! The two problems listed are the only ones in the life span of the car. Before my sister bought the car from the original owner, he said he had not replaced anything but the timing belt and a water pump, which was unnecessary because it was not the problem.

Seriously though, how many people do you know drive a car with 320k miles on it daily?

When I had the motor apart at 260k miles to replace the gaskets, the inside of the motor looked as if it was in a car with 50k miles on it.

Transmission is slushy, I am not sure how much longer it will go, but it think it will last at least until 350k. The 4 speed automatic is the only thing I really dislike about this car.

AWD is awesome!! Never had a problem with snow and ice. I take it offroading every once in a while (no joke) and it goes were no other cars (at least not Subaru's) and some trucks would dare set foot.

It is very SLOW, possibly the slowest vehicle I have drive, but that does not keep me from loving it! It handles sorta well, but it has a good bit of understeer.

Fuel mileage is definitely not great, at $3.50 a gallon 23 MPG is a little on the expensive side for driving around town. Though on long highway trips I have seen up to 32 MPG, but usually 28-30.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2008

1990 Subaru Legacy GT 2.0 turbo petrol from Kenya


I love the car


Crankshaft pulley gave way at 145000 km. Cost 80$ to replace it.

The air conditioner runs hot unless the gas is refilled. It empties in less than a month.

Some months back, the engine overheated after losing water through a worn out radiator cap. Only damage was to the knock sensor which was replaced for 100$.

Have had to replace some suspension bushes, but that is expected considering the bad roads here.

The clutch shudders in the morning when cold, but it was checked and found to be good.

Fuel pump ceased at 152000 km. Replacement cost 500$ at the dealer.

General Comments:

Fuel consumption ranges from 8km/l in town to 11km/l on the highway.

Generally it has been a good car, able to go to places only 'off-roaders' should. It's also pretty stable at speed on our rough roads.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2007

1990 Subaru Legacy l 2.2 Boxer 4 from North America


It is a spacious, low-key, fuel efficient vehicle that can haul a$$


Seats have minor wear.

Exhaust crack: muffler pipe disconnected from back end of the cat.

General Comments:

The 2.2 engine is incredibly fast. the car hits 65 mph in 2nd gear.

If the muffler disengages, the car is far louder and deeper than anyone could guess. it sounds like a truck. it happened a few days ago, and I have not yet fixed it and I have been pulled over a lot for it.

Great on gas. 33 mpg highway, ~30 mpg around town.

Very roomy wagon.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2007

12th Feb 2007, 13:49

I have one only a year newer, and I have gone from 35 mph to 95 mph in under 5 sec. and have done 110 mph like it was cruising.