Swift GS 1.3 four cylinder

Great little cars

195 words

Swift GT 1.3

Very perky, frugal, reliable, fun to drive, cheap car

107 words

Swift Base 1.3L

My first and best car!

182 words, 1 comment

Swift 1.6 NA

Not a lot of material used to manufacture, but TRULY INDESTRUCTIBLE!!

456 words

Swift GL 1.6

2nd toughest engine lineup built by GM after the Chevette/Acadian era

72 words

Swift 1.6 GLX 1.6 16v

Its great in consumption!!!

184 words, 4 comments

Swift 1.0L

A decent vehicle for little money

85 words, 2 comments

Swift 3 door 1.3

Practical car with excellent endurance

312 words, 2 comments

Swift GT 1.3 DOHC

63 words