2005 Suzuki Verona reviews from North America

Verona EX 6 cylinder

Not worth it

45 words

Verona EX

This car will literally kill me

Verona LX 3.5

This car is unreliable and not worth having

248 words, 1 comment


Terrible, stay away

Verona EX 2.5 Inline 6

This car is the worst car I've ever had... period!!!

192 words

Verona 6 cylinder


173 words, 16 comments

Verona S 2.5L

The Suzuki Verona is a very, very bad buy!

25 words, 2 comments

Verona Straight 6 cylinder

Great car for the price

10 words, 3 comments

Verona EX 2.5 V6

Worthless crap

140 words, 19 comments