21st Jun 2011, 14:33

These are not real Suzukis, but rebadged Daewoos. REAL Suzukis are actually pretty good, reliable cars.

4th Aug 2011, 19:07

I own a 2004 Suzuki Verona, and the ignition key just froze stuck. So, what I did was spray the ignition key with WD-40. You might have to spray it 2-3 times. What happened is all the shavings from the key itself have gunked-up the tumblers in the ignition key, and by spraying it with WD-40, it removes all the shavings from the tumblers. Afterwards, you should be able to turn the key without any more problems. Just make sure that you put a drip rag or pan underneath the ignition key. Good luck.

13th Sep 2011, 20:32

Try to lightly tap your key, while in the ignition with a soft mallet or hammer - SOFTLY! Mine does the same thing, and just a light tap or two and it works fine. The tumblers are apparently getting hung up.

27th Dec 2016, 04:40

My Suzuki Verona 2005, has the engine light on since day 1 ;(

I have had it checked over and over again, but they keep saying, nothing is wrong with the car. I think that's why it was discontinued. Who wants to have problems every 2 years to do a smog test. It cannot pass, because I have engine light & other warning lights, but again, there's nothing wrong with the car. My problem is that, it takes a lot of money to pass the smog test ;( I am not dealing with this anymore, all it gave me is a headache every time it needs a smog test. I'm running out of time. I'm selling it, because I cannot handle the pressure anymore. Anyone who is interested, it's not a bad car, it's the engine light that is killing me... I need to renew by February 2017. I'm just saving the money for the smog test. Hopefully I can get a new car by February...

28th Dec 2016, 20:27

"not real Suzukis"?

In other words, Pseudo-zukis?

12th Feb 2017, 04:08

I understand completely what you are going through!! I have the same stupid car and I hate it. Yes it's one problem after the other, I can't stand it either. I have had my title for quite some time now, I want to trade it in, but it's chump change for what the dealer wants to offer me. Which I am not so much surprised as this car was discontinued, hmmm I wonder why?? I know and you do too!!!