14th Apr 2008, 19:52

I too, have had problems out of my Suzuki. My throttle body is now now messing up, my tire pressure light was on when I bought the car and my passenger airbag light will not go off. I have been to the dealer more than 4 times about the passenger airbag light. When I am done paying for this car I am going to buy a new one but not a Suzuki.

1st Jul 2008, 09:24

I bought a 2004 Suzuki Verona, new, from a dealer that boast about all their service awards. I have had the same problem for over two year, and they have not fixed the problem.

My car problem is with the engine light staying on, all the time. When you put gas in, the car does not want to start. I have to try a couple of times before it does start, and then I have to be careful when pulling into traffic, because it will stall.

I have been told by the service department to ignore the check engine light, that it will not hurt the car to keep on running it. I was also told that Suzuki used different parts on my car when building it, and they can't get a reading on what the problem is.

I feel Suzuki should recall this car, before someone gets killed.

17th Aug 2009, 11:31

I have owned a 2005 Suzuki Verona. The car has been in the shop more than I have driven it. One time the dealer service center kept it for over 2 months and they could not figure out a way to fix the problem. I don't know how I have managed to drive this car for 25K miles since I have bought it.

I think all their Verona's have been lemons. I find that many people who own a Verona have similar issues. Agree with many of you that the dealership should buy these cars back. I will never buy a Suzuki. I'm having hard time selling this one for even half the amount I owe on it. Very disappointed with this build. Plus no help is available.

27th Oct 2009, 23:13

I have had my 2005 Verona for almost 4 years and it has given me no real problems... yet. I have had my tire pressure warning light on for about a year, but I can ignore that. Now my check engine light is on and I am scared of what the dealership is going to say. The manual says it has something to do with emissions... yikes. Other than this issue, the car has been nice and dependable for the entire 65,400 miles I have had it... wish me luck.

10th Mar 2010, 12:55

I bought my Verona S new in 2005.

My tire pressure light has been lit for over 1 year.

My airbag light has been on for 3 months.

My engine light seems to come and go by itself.

My radio will not play CDs anymore, but the cassette deck works great!

Some door trim has cracked, and my interior door handles are sticky and delaminated.

I have to buy my oil filters myself, because no one else stocks that odd size.

But other than those issues, the car always starts up and runs fine. It has never left me stranded, and everything else works great.

So I have mixed feelings, since I like the car, but I am worried about the long-term quality of this Suzuki.

5th Apr 2010, 19:14

I have a 2005 Verona I had a new ignition lock installed.

Only 35000 miles, now steering will not lock, thus the key will not come out of the ignition.

Low tire pressure light comes on when tires are not low.

Very disappointed in this vehicle.

27th Jun 2010, 15:45

I have a 2005 Verona also, I can agree to somethings that have been mentioned:

My tire pressure gauge has been on for the past several years.

The check engine light comes on from time to time due to a code read out misfire.

Every now and then a transmission problem of slipping happens, and if I cut the car off and turn it back on the problem goes away; any idea what this is?

The plastic trim pieces break for no reason, I guess bad craftsmanship.

The alarm will not work, even though the lights on the remote shows bright red and active.

I have 90,000 miles plus on my car, and I have been somewhat satisfied with it up until now - pay off time.

Would I buy another one, no, definately not.

14th Sep 2010, 11:25

I have a 2004 Verona with 98,000 miles on it. It has been expensive for the whole 98,000 miles. 30 minutes ago my mechanic told me I had to replace my throttle body to the tune of $1067. OMG that’s 1/3 of what the car is worth! I have almost spent $10,000 in the last six years I have had this car in sensors etc. My radio died a year ago; I had to replace 2 window motors so they would close. My sunroof is broken; I have the same shifting problem where I have to turn off the car to reset it.

I love how my handles are sticky and when my radio did work the lack of reception from the intergrated antenna. I love the look and interior space, but mechanically I'm sorry to say it’s bad.

I would not buy it again.

15th Nov 2010, 20:56

My 2004 has been nothing but trouble... never again will I purchase Suzuki! They replaced the engine just prior to the end of the warranty after multiple trips to the dealer to figure out the issue. I have constant engine light on and off, electric window problems and now throttle body needs replacing! That is only part of the problems! Of course passed the warranty... is there any recourse after the fact?

22nd Dec 2010, 09:12

My 2005 Suzuki Verona has had many of the same problems I am reading on this page. I bought it brand new 5 1/2 years ago & the check engine light has been on most of that time. The dealership charges me to "turn it off" & tell me that nothing is wrong with it. My airbag light has been on for 3+ years. Now the ignition is locked up, the key won't even turn it. And of course, I have no money to fix it, so it just gets to sit.

Thanks, Suzuki, as long as you get your money!

21st Jun 2011, 13:28

My 2005 Suzuki Verona is a WORTHLESS! When I bought it, I was so excited thinking they must be good cars, because there are only two left in inventory at the dealership. WRONG!!

I have had this car just shy of 5 years, and have replaced the battery 3 times, the starter 2 times, and the alternator 2 times.

Now I am scared to death of this car. One day it barely idles and shuts itself off at a traffic lights. The check engine light goes on and off when it feels like it, AND now the engine will accelerate at intersections while waiting for a light to change, and feels like it could charge ahead at any time.

I just received a call from the Suzuki dealership, and I can bring it in for $110.00/hour diagnostics. Possibly replace the throttle body @ $412.00 + tax, and if that isn't the problem, I can purchase a ECM at a whopping $795.00 + tax, then pay labor on top!

Never buying a Suzuki product again.