Celica GTS 2.2 DOHC

Amazing, peppy little beast

56 words

Celica GT-S 2.2 liter turbo

This car is fast, sporty, handles like a dream, but it's a tad bit cramped on the inside

186 words, 3 comments

Celica 2.2L

The car is an Amazing Deal

94 words

Celica Turbo All-Trac 2.0 turbo

The ultimate Celica

59 words

Celica GT 2.2 liter fuel injected 4 cylinder

Sporty and reliable

65 words

Celica ST 1.6L

An excellent sports car at a discount price

63 words

Celica GTS 2.2L

Best buy for the dollar

92 words

Celica GT 1.6 5S-GE

A Performance Dream!

143 words, 1 comment

Celica GT 2.2

A sporty, fun, reliable car !

137 words

Celica GTS 2.2 Inline 4

Excellent handling + high rev speeds

99 words, 5 comments

Celica GT 1.6

Low end sports car that doesn't feel and act like one

67 words

Celica GT 5sfe

A street performer!

107 words, 4 comments

Celica GT 5S-FE

Outstanding quality materials

79 words, 1 comment

Celica GT 2.2L 16v EFI

A super-street high performance reliability machine OUT THE BOX!!!

201 words


26 words, 1 comment

Celica GT 2.2L 4 cylinder

Wonderful cheap daily driver

81 words

Celica GT 2.2 16v

Street Legal Jet!!

149 words, 3 comments

Celica ST 4 Banger

A great fun little car

32 words, 1 comment

Celica GT 2.2L DOHC 16v

Amazing driving machine, able to best newer cars!

103 words

Celica GT

At 10 years old, still runs new

23 words

Celica GT 2.2L

Excellent all round, fast-looking sporty compact

100 words, 10 comments

Celica Grand Sport 2.2 DOHC long block

Great project car for speed demons

54 words

Celica GT 2.2 DOHC 16V

True sports car!!!!!!!!!!

55 words

Celica GTS 22R

Reliable and stylish

126 words