1990 Toyota Celica GT-S 2.2 liter turbo from North America


This car is fast, sporty, handles like a dream, but it's a tad bit cramped on the inside


Radiator blew open at 126,000 miles and needed to be replaced. Engine was entirely rebuilt, clutch was replaced, and new battery installed just prior to my purchase.

General Comments:

This car is quick off the line despite the fact that it weighs nearly 3,000 pounds. It's real acceleration is mostly apparent when you're on the highway, though. If I have to pass someone, there is no car I've ever driven that I'd rather be behind the wheel of than my Celica. It's scary fast when the turbo kicks in on the road. I can go from 60 to 90 in a matter of seconds.

It handles like a race car- I can take corners at unbelievable speed and still not feel like I'm even close to pushing the envelope. I have to constantly hold back from going faster.

On the downside, the interior room is not good for someone tall like me (I'm 6'1"). I have to open the sunroof to get enough headroom because I hate tilting my seat back too far. I do get plenty of leg room, however, and I love the tilt steering wheel.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2008

24th Mar 2009, 18:00

Hey I'm looking at purchasing a 90 Celica at about 230KMs on it... is that too much clicks? Also I'm about your height 6"1' - 6"2' so is it really gonna be a height restriction issue?

18th Apr 2010, 07:58

Celica GT-S doesn't have a turbo (unless the whole engine rebuild added one).

17th Jun 2010, 03:07

I'm looking at getting a 1991 Celica GTS. I can hear the turbo spool, and the guy says the turbo is a funny set up, and that it is near the rear of the car. Also he isn't into big power adders, and he said the last guy bought it from Toyota. Also, I read on Youtube about this kid whose mom had one with a turbo too. So I don't know what's up. I'll take a look at it the next time I'm at his house, and see if the turbo is there or not. I swear to god I hear that thing spooling.

1990 Toyota Celica 2.2L from North America


The car is an Amazing Deal


I bought the Car in June of 2007. I have been driving it ever since and I have never had any new problems with it.

By that I mean the only thing wrong with the car is that it has a rear main oil leak. It leaks about one quart every 700mi. So it is not that big of a deal. The car is still running strong. I live in upstate NY and I have a little trouble in the snow but if i slow down then everything is fine.

General Comments:

It is very quick.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2008

1990 Toyota Celica Turbo All-Trac 2.0 turbo from North America


The ultimate Celica


Second and third gear syncros are known to be bad, but it will not cause a lost of performance.

Only Toyota makes rear struts replacements.

General Comments:

Drives and handles like a dream.

The most powerful and fasts Celica built for the US.

Toyota built quality with no sacrifice in comfort and performance.

Ten speaker audio system that needs no replacement.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2006

1990 Toyota Celica GT 2.2 liter fuel injected 4 cylinder from North America


Sporty and reliable


The front constant velocity joints had to be replaced at 80,000 miles.

The rear struts started to make an awful groaning sound at around 90,000.

Alternator failed at 120,000.

General Comments:

This is one of the best vehicles I've ever owned.

This car gets great gas mileage.

This car gets around great in the winter.

Other than routine maintenance this car has been very good to me.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2005

1990 Toyota Celica GT-four 2.0 turbo petrol from Australia and New Zealand


The best looking Japanese. Import around


The left front ball joint went. The hub was damaged and required replacing.

The clear coat of paint on the roof has started to peel, will have to re-spray.

Rear diff seal has started to leak.

General Comments:

This is a brilliant car.

May require a bit of maintenance, but is worth it with it's good looks, good performance and great handling.

There is something about this car that will compel you spend endless hours (and dollars) into maintaining and improving it. It may be an obsession, but I think that it is worth it!

This car is great value for money, and the sky is the limit when it comes to improving your GT-Four.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2004