10th Dec 2005, 13:56

Well, now your angry comment got posted. Happy day. By the way, you're obviously right about the "horsepower wars." I hear NASCAR is going to start using a Civic engine next season. Because, as we know, 117 horsepower is better than 800. And Chevy will soon modify the Corvette Z06, chopping that V8 in half. Anybody who knows the reverse import laws of physics knows that you get more power when you reduce displacement. Shelby learned that the hard way during the 60s, as did Yenko with his Camaros. I, for one, am glad someone had the sense to step up and set the record straight. Thank you, Civic driver. Our V8s never could have sucked this much without you.

2nd Nov 2008, 01:50

As Will Ferrell says in "Semi Pro" - everybody love everybody haha! Domestics, imports - to each his own.

I just bought a '90 2.2L Celica GT today. It's no rocket by any means - any V8 would kick the crap out of it. But, it's fast enough for me right now. I think it will be a good car for a couple years.

By the way, does anyone know how much a power steering pump for the car would cost (for the part alone, excluding labor)?


13th Sep 2011, 09:22

It's been years since I wrote that comment, and I hope that the person who responded to it is still alive, and will get to read this. One of the main weaknesses (as there are many) that V8 domestics had, is that when they approached a corner north of 30mph in the dry (don't even think about it when it's wet), they were at their wits end as to what to do! Thankfully the new Corvette has addressed this problem, and proven so by dealing with that famous GERMAN track. The CTS-V followed its example soon after, and owns the saloon car department on that same track.

Now back to the matter at hand... 800hp is very impressive from a V8 purpose built car right? Yes it is... but put this in your pipe and smoke it for a second.. you can't afford to buy or build one, can you? Honda had the S2000 a 2.0L four cylinder engine (yes, that's half the cylinders and less than half the displacement of your heavy ass lead based V8s) that put out 240hp stock from the factory that handled a corner (left and right) like a champ! Now that's 120hp per litre naturally aspirated! Tell me how many V8s that you guys bring to the show are capable of that feat! And then think what would happen if Honda made a V8... Yeah... you just realised that there's a black hole looming in your future. Thank you.