Celica GT 1.8

Can Toyota fix their car?

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Celica GTS 1.8

If you like the feel of driving, this is the car for you

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Celica GT 1.8

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Celica GT 1.8


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Celica VVT-I

Brains, looks and short of speed!

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Celica GT-S

Not true to Toyota's reputation of reliablity

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Celica GT 1.8L

Good handles but needs more power

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Celica GTS 1.8 2zz

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Celica GT 1.8 VVTi

It only LOOKS fast!

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Celica GTS 1.8L

For the money the GTS is one of the best cars I have owned

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Celica GT 1.8L VVT-i

It's a smokin hot sweet car!

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Celica GT-s VVTLI

I love it; just a few minor things that need work

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Celica GT 1.8 140 hp

Celica used one quart of oil every 600 miles. Buyer Beware

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Celica GT

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Celica GTS 1.8L


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Celica GT-s 1.8 vvti-l

A fantastic sporty economical reliable form of transportation!

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Celica GT 1.8 VVT-i

Another Bulletproof Toyota

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Celica GT-S

Fun, Sporty, Trouble-Free

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Celica GTS 1.8

This is a great car for the price

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Celica GTS 6-Speed 1.8 Liter VVTL-i

Toyota made a Front Wheel Drive Ferrari, with the maintenance and reliability to match

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A lemon from the beginning

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Celica GT 1.8L 4 cylinder

More class than performance..

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Celica GT 1.8

A really nice, fun car!

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Celica GTS 1.8

Budget Dude's Porsche

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Celica GT-S TRD 1.8

High performance/practical bargain

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Celica GT 1.8 VVT

An attractive rip off

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Celica GT 1.8

Don't be fooled by looks only, try others..

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Celica GTS 1.8

Peppy and fun to drive

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Celica GT-S 1.8 VVT-i

This car looks good, feels good, and handles great

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Celica GT-S 1.8 DOHC

A high-performing bargain

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Celica GTS 1.8 VVTL-i

An affordable car for the driving enthusiast

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Celica GTS 1.8 VVTL-i

It is a wicked machine

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Celica GT-S 1.8 liter

Excellent styling - enjoyable to drive

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Celica GTS 1.8

It does my body good

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Celica GT 1.8

GT is still nice.. same interior and exterior as the GTS

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Celica GT 1.8

Sporty, head turning marvel!

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Celica GT-S 1.8L VVTL-i

The best sport coupe not named

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Celica GT-S 1.8L Inline 4 VVTL-i

Fun to drive, lovely automobile

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Celica GT 1.8

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