8th Feb 2014, 08:55

What year is your Celica? Normally it's 2002 and up that have been fixed. 2000 and 2001 are the faulty ones.

8th Feb 2014, 13:27

To everyone. Try changing the spark plugs and wires, and then cleaning the MAF sensor if it's misfiring or hesitating, and it takes in more oil than normal. So always check the oil levels once a week or more. Mine has fully synthetic and it only lasted 3000 km. Also the fuel pump and filter. You can change them yourself; look it up on YouTube; it's not hard, just takes a while. But it's worth it unless you wanna pay huge bills for labor at a dealer or mechanic. And if you wanna change the fuel pump, it'll be easy when you change the filter because it's right there.

Don't pay mechanics; it's easy doing things yourself, and also check the injectors yourself. You can clean them easily; don't waste money at dealers.

The Celica is very easy to look after. Mine's not the best either. And I'm not a pro or mechanic. But I can save a lot of money.

And a good tip also is never drive near empty or below a quarter tank; try to keep half tank or higher. If it gets to a quarter tank, it will start sucking from the bottom, and if your filter is bad or needs replacement, it won't filter and will leave debris and gunk at the bottom, and that'll be sucked in instead of clean gas.

26th Mar 2014, 16:13

I just bought a 2000 GTS, with 6 speed manual. I was wondering, when on the highway, how high is the RPM when doing 60mph? Mine runs about 3000 RPM. When I get up to 80mph, it's almost 4000 RPM. Is this normal?

19th Aug 2014, 02:59

Clean the MAF sensor. Cleaner comes in a spray can and the job takes 10 minutes. It's a good idea to do this every service.

18th Oct 2014, 18:21

I replaced the fuel pump in my son's 2000 GT. $134.99 plus screen $11.99.

Good luck finding another lifetime filter; they have to be ordered.

The pump is fairly easy to replace. Remove the back seat top and bottom; an access panel is there. Still did not fix my problem though.

17th Nov 2014, 19:42

I was told they were designed that way so you don't accidentally go into 1st when going for 3rd. It will only go in 1st at low speed. Try it once going slower.

16th Feb 2015, 03:13

The problem with the stalling after fill up was a connector in the wrong spot. I had the same issue till I swapped it and one on the air box around. Now runs fine after fill up. No stall.

17th Apr 2015, 12:40

Most heating systems have a coil; it looks like three little springs. Eventually from the power going through them, two of them burn out like household light bulbs.

As for fueling cars, sensors for emission control are sensitive; the rise in pressure as fuel is rushing in would make the car bog down and stall. High test fuel and sensor cleaning for these cars are a must.

Hope this helps.

3rd Jul 2015, 14:51

Hi, it sounds like the TPS sensor is worn out - it tells the computer when you step on the gas, in what position the throttle is. I had a 1987 Celica, and that was the problem when I would step on the gas, it would go sometimes or not at all.

29th Jan 2016, 21:23

I've had the exact same problems with my 2001 GT-S and haven't been able to solve the problem so far. Let me know if you found a solution.

20th Aug 2016, 23:35

My 2002 GTS engine light came on, and would cut out 3,000 RPM early, couldn't get that kick when at 6,500 RPM, any answers?

22nd Aug 2016, 19:03

Just bought a 2000 Celica GT-S with 4 speed automatic transmission and it had issues with transmission and a constant whining noise. Previous owner said that after driving it for a while, the transmission would start to slip.

We got it home, drained the transmission oil, and replaced the transmission filter. The transmission filter looked clogged and the oil didn't smell the best, but the car has 219,900 miles on it, and very well could have been the original filter, but do not know.

Now the transmission does not whine, but when you drive it, as soon as it gets to 3000 RPM it just jerks and carries on, no matter how fast or slow you are going, or whether you have transmission in auto or manual mode.

Anyone have any ideas??

14th Jun 2017, 20:53

Although 10 years late to the party, you did not mention replacing the misfiring cylinders' coils. A misfire will not be typically caused by injectors, but instead by faulty coils, spark plugs (which you replaced) or wiring assemblies. I suspect the coils.

14th Jun 2017, 21:05

Check to make sure, but I believe the GT-S uses type T-IV fluid. My 4 speed auto in my GT does. This is very important. Whatever you do, do not "flush" the transmission. If you have recently replaced the filter in a high mileage car that you don't know the maintenance history of, do it again after 500 miles, and make sure you use the right fluid, as it matters critically. Yes; drop the pan, again, change the filter, and replace the fluid.

If the sluggishness persists, barring excessive metal shavings in the fluid, I would suspect the torque converter being at fault next. A torque converter will cause the issues you report. The good news is they are easy to replace, and inexpensive from aftermarket remanufacturing firms, if you do the work yourself. You have either the U240E or the U341E transmission. Verify, and make sure to use the right Toyota factory fluids.

Best of luck.