MR2 2.2 liter non-turbo

A gift for the pure automotive enthusiast

257 words

MR2 MkII 2.2 NA

Happiness on wheels

145 words

MR2 Turbo 2.0 3S-GTE

Fun, reliable, inexpensive, and a real head-turner

620 words, 1 comment

MR2 2.2 EFI

It handles like an Enduro go kart, and I believe Ferrari copied its lines

343 words

MR2 Non-Turbo 5SFE 2.2L

Dollars VS Smiles, simply unmatched!

395 words, 2 comments

MR2 N/A 2.2L I4

A very practical, reliable exotic car!

284 words

MR2 2.2L

An exotic car for normal people on a budget

123 words

MR2 Turbo 2.0 turbo

Fast, handles good, and dead reliable. What more could you want?

147 words

MR2 2.2 non-turbo

Ferrari styling, very reliable, fast and fun

237 words, 2 comments

MR2 GT 2.2 5sfe non-turbo

A very fun, jawdropping looks, canyon carving, cheap summer car!

436 words, 2 comments

MR2 Turbo 2.0 3sgte

I will never sell it and will always own one

49 words, 1 comment

MR2 2.2 5SFE

A great car that should have automatically came t-tops and manual

183 words, 1 comment

MR2 Turbo 2.0 turbo

Great performance for the money and easily modified

94 words, 2 comments

MR2 Turbo 2.0 turbo

The best sports car for your money!

16 words

MR2 Turbo 2.0 turbo

Exotic performance at economy prices

238 words

MR2 Turbo 2.0 turbo

#1 of many MR2 Turbo's I will own in my lifetime

116 words

MR2 Turbo 2.0 Litre turbo

If you can find one in good shape, it will be the buy of a lifetime

495 words, 1 comment

MR2 T-bar turbo

Best car I have had the luxury of driving

100 words

MR2 GTE-SE Turbo 2.0 turbo


10 words

MR2 2.2 NA

Fast, fun and reliable - what more could you want

343 words

MR2 Turbo 2.0

Great bang for the buck. Second to the Eclipse GSX

91 words, 1 comment

MR2 2.2 non-turbo

Best sports car for the money.. period

122 words, 5 comments

MR2 Turbo 2.0L turbo

A tight little package!

99 words

MR2 T-Top 2.0 turbo

High performance for a low initial investment

137 words

MR2 Turbo T-top 2.0 turbo

Affordable licence loser

46 words

MR2 Turbo 2.0 turbo

Best sports car in the world!!!

304 words

MR2 Turbo 2.0 turbo

Performance for the individual/couple. Not a VW grocery getter!

112 words, 4 comments

MR2 2.2 non turbo

A car to buy, take care of well, and give to your children as an inheritance when you go

102 words