1991 Toyota MR2 GT 2.2 5sfe non-turbo from North America


A very fun, jawdropping looks, canyon carving, cheap summer car!


Previous owner didn't take the best care of it. I bought it with a blown engine for only $900, and used a 95 Celica GT 5sfe 2.2 liter engine (almost the same engine besides alternator location) and replaced it myself.

General Comments:

Well, after the hassle of getting the engine in, it was a vast improvement compared to my daily driven 103 hp 1992 Celica ST.

I knew I was not getting the fastest or even a "fast" car seeing I did not opt to get a turbo engine. But it's 135 horsepower and 145 lbs. of torque makes it a quick car.

Having the mid-engine, rear wheel drive setup is very rewarding if you learn how to drive it. I started out fairly slow on corners and such the first couple days. As I grew more confident, I started to experiment and the car seems to love the corners and handles like a dream. I have only driven once in the wet, and completely lost the back end on a turn.

Beware if you want a comfortable car, it makes you feel like a part of the road, so if it turns, you turn, but if it has bumps and imperfections, you'll also feel them. A mildly harsh ride. The subpar tires can be partially blamed, but being young, I will sacrifice driving comfort for performance.

The cabin is very ergonomical and is extremely comfortable for me (5 foot 7 inches) but would be a challenge for anyone over 5 foot 10. The instruments are well laid out and the dash has a large tachometer, which is what really matters in a true sports car.

The shifter is in the perfect spot and is close to the wheel, mocking race-car shifting and performance.

Being the non-turbo, it is very easy on the pocket. Insurance is not too high (19 year old male with clean history) and it is very cheap on gas. Regular gas, and getting 26 miles in the city (gunning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!), and 30+ on the highway.

It actually has useable cargo room. During this summer, I could fit my large hockey bag and goalie pants in the trunk (barely) and put my sticks at an angle in the cabin.

Even though it is almost 15 years old, I words cannot justify the beauty of this car. Even in stock form with it's 14" wheels and large wheel gap, it will grab attention from almost any enthusiast and make them envy you. That's without the t-tops off! Having the t-tops off is a very high mark on this car. It is plain enjoyable.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2004

15th Feb 2005, 12:37

I just bought a '91 with 20k miles on it (9/2005). My only comment on the above is that I am 6' 2" and have no trouble with leg room. In contrast with the Miata, where the foot room was just not enough.

26th Mar 2010, 01:11

I would agree. I'm 6'2, and though I was in a 95 MR2, I had to bring the seat forward a bit (mainly for clutching), and I never felt uncomfortable.

1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo 2.0 3sgte from North America


I will never sell it and will always own one


Timing belt broke (expected it)

General Comments:

This is my second mr2 turbo and this car is rock solid. I drive the car 200 miles a day and it keeps running hard.

This car is easily modified, and easily outclasses many sports cars at a quarter of the price. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2004

22nd Oct 2004, 12:50

Just wondering, how many miles had your MR2 done when the timing belt broke? Did any damage occur to the engine? I think mine needs replacing soon.

1991 Toyota MR2 2.2 5SFE from North America


A great car that should have automatically came t-tops and manual


Being as stupid as I am I accidentally drained the transmission instead of the oil.

Starter went at 108,000 and was replaced.

Replaced the stock air filter with a APC RE3 intake.

General Comments:

1st off let me start by saying I think this car is one of the most sexy cars out there today still. It's design was flawless. You get so many looks from females and guys. The exhaust rumble on mine was great. It sounded like the car had some serious tuning done. What I didn't like about the car was that unfortunately I had a 2.2 5sfe N/A automatic Toyota MR2 with the removable sunroof. The seating was done well with the small problem that a long car ride may be a pain because there isn't much space to recline the seats. Other than that the car is still a great car, but I would recommend that if you plan on buying an MR2 make sure you get manual and t-tops. Also if you like this car I would suggest looking at a Honda Del Sol as well before your purchase.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2004

9th Jan 2005, 01:32

I seriously detest the fact that you compared a SW20 SW22 to a D15 Honda Del Sol seriously...