1991 Toyota MR2 2.2 EFI from North America


It handles like an Enduro go kart, and I believe Ferrari copied its lines


3 batteries.

6 sets of tires.

2 shifter boots.

Timing belt at 70,000 miles.

Door speaker at 90,000 miles.

Seats recovered at 130,000 miles.

A/C compressor at 135,000 miles.

1 headlamp at 140,000 miles.

Both shifter cables at 158,000 miles.

General Comments:

The first time I drove the MR2 off the lot was December 24th, 1990. I've pretty much been smiling ever since.

I have owned 6 cars and 7 trucks in my life, I'm 65. My MR2 has outlasted all but one of them. I still own a 2004 F550, which has an 'Oasis' file 2 inches thick and has 73,000 miles. The MR2 is the the most reliable of all them.

MR2 spent all of its life in Southern California, and was garaged every night. The paint, Black, is all original. The only violation of its original contours is a self inflicted wound applied by myself. When washing it one morning, I leaned too heavily near the gas door while drying the roof, and pushed a slight dimple into the quarter panel with my right thigh. We've been very lucky.

MR2 still gets questioned at the gas station by people saying things like "There are so many new models out, which one is this?", 'Did you just have it painted?", "Where do you keep the roof?". All of which I really enjoy answering with "I bought it in 1990, and it's a 1991 Toyota MR2, original paint, the roof is behind the seats, and it gets 30 miles to the gallon on regular".

I've been lucky enough to have driven Formula Fords and raced SS GSXR 750's; the MR2 handles with all of the smoothness of both, of course knee dragging is out, but the road fun is always there.

A few rattles have developed over the years; nothing that is intolerable or un-fixable, something you learn to keep up with having an MR2. The MR2 has sometimes been maintenance challenged, but never forgotten about or totally neglected. MR2 has taken care of me well over the past 21+ years.

Thank you MR2.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2012

1991 Toyota MR2 Non-Turbo 5SFE 2.2L from North America


Dollars VS Smiles, simply unmatched!


My car is still in great OEM shape. As far as I know, almost everything is original. I am the second owner.

Replaced the clutch at around 118,000 miles. It was the original that came from the factory. It was to be expected.

The only hiccup that was unexpected was the ignition coil (another wear item). Being a wear and tear item, it finally gave out at 120,000 miles. Damn good if you ask me.

The plastic door handle cups are loose and fall out.

A bracket inside my driver-side door snapped causing the window to not seat properly at the top. I don't think this is common though.

Other than the general wear items, this is the most reliable car I've ever owned!

General Comments:

Dollars versus smiles, you simply can't beat the MR2 non-turbo. This is my second MR2 (first one being turbo) and I would consider myself a true mr2 enthusiast.

The street presence that you get, the head turning, the rarity, and the performance is unmatched for its price. Not to mention the reliability! Utterly perfect. Think "economical mini Ferrari".

The non-turbo also uses 87 octane regular gas, sees 28mpg of mixed driving, and uses regular conventional oil. The car is too easy to maintain and you also get so much fun from it's mid-engine RWD layout. Simply unbeatable.

I do have to say one thing though, if you plan on owning one, you've seriously got to be a "do-it-yourselfer". But that's the best thing about the MR2 -- to learn everything about it. And, I've learned the hard way from my previous one. Dealership costs are astronomical when it comes to fixing these cars. So fixing it yourself is probably the best and also the most rewarding option. Parts are not very expensive either. It's the labour that the dealership kills you on because it's a "harder" car to wrench on.

The only downfall, be prepared for a sore back when wrenching on it. Leaning over the C-pillar standing on a box for an extended period of time is not fun. Also, the engine bay is a little more tighter than others. Don't expect a Honda Civic engine bay here. Hence why dealerships rape you on labour rates.

Overall, I'm happy I have mine. And, I will be looking for a Turbo model in the near future to add to my non-turbo.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2009

29th Nov 2009, 18:36


You're totally right..

Me too. I have an MR2 GT 2.0 (now stage 2 engine). I'm Portugal..

And I'm in Belgium now, and the first thing I did was buy another ne... xD check out my luck, first drive after paying cash for it on the highway; after 80 Km the engine started on fire... I think it was an oil leak 2 near the exhaust...

And I did all the work on the GT in Portugal..

Ans now I have 2 fix this one. It's a 2.2 5F-SE, not very powerful, but I'll take care of that in the repair...

If you want keep in touch... any MR2 lover is my pal...

11th Jul 2010, 20:19

(Original Poster)

My non-turbo is still going strong. Regular oil changes with Toyota filters and that's it. My car now has 128,000 miles. It only gets driven in the summer, so it doesn't accumulate miles fast. But it's daily driven in the summer.

I've got all new brakes for it and an extra set of tires for the stock wheels (I'm rolling on aftermarkets). I plan to do a lapping day this year at the closest road course to me. It should be fun and also teach me more about the limits of the car.

The only downfall, I snapped my shifter cable this summer. I was racing a buddy and it snapped while changing into 3rd gear. No biggie. It was easy to fix but took 3 weeks for the parts to arrive. From research, snapped shifter cables are a fairly common problem. Oh well, after all the car is 20 years old, so...