Sienna LE 6 cylinder

I love it. Would buy a new one but it's expensive. I'm driving free miles now

56 words

Sienna XLE 3.3L V6

I hate minivans, but fell in love with this one!!

470 words, 1 comment

Sienna XLE Limited 3.3

400,000 miles and we still love it

314 words

Sienna XLE 3.5L V6

Quiet, reliable, soft-riding - going to miss it, but still have a 2008 Sienna in the garage :-)

358 words


Best car we ever had

62 words

Sienna LE

Good, reliable family mover

164 words

Sienna LE 3.3

The very worst by far, I feel like I was robbed

109 words

Sienna LE

The first and last Toyota that I'll ever own!

49 words

Sienna LXE AWD gas

The best car I have ever driven (from Chicago to Orlando)

94 words

Sienna XLE 6 cylinder

Reliable, but disappointing

127 words, 3 comments

Sienna LE

Don't get a Sienna, unless you have money to burn

243 words, 2 comments

Sienna LE FWD 3.3L V6

Hunk of Junk, buy a Mazda!

100 words, 1 comment

Sienna LE 3.3L V6

A good choice for a family vehicle

53 words

Sienna XLE Limited 3.3L V6

Generally a solid vehicle

257 words

Sienna awd

Solid, but has problems

65 words

Sienna XLE Limited

The 04 Sienna is generally a very reliable car

91 words

Sienna LS

Nice with some difficulties

39 words

Sienna CE 3.3 litre V6

Check out the CE a relative bargain

179 words

Sienna LE 3.3

It's a great vehicle, but the tires are junk

614 words, 3 comments

Sienna LE

I cannot a better designed, more reliable van anywhere

101 words

Sienna CE

Our first Toyota may be our last.

163 words, 4 comments

Sienna SIENNA LE 3.3V6

Toyota's version of the Chrysler based minivans that's "family and kid lovable"

115 words

Sienna LE AWD

Safe, comfortable, reliable, family vehicle

203 words

Sienna LE

71 words

Sienna LX

This is a great family van

53 words

Sienna LE AWD 3.3

Due to the mechanical, electrical, safety and reliability issues, I would stay away from this car

232 words, 8 comments

Sienna LE

Great car for the family... everyone loves it

30 words

Sienna LE All Wheel Drive 6 cylinder

Run-flat tires work as advertised on the only available minivan with AWD.

406 words

Sienna LE

Great family car, lousy tires.

203 words

Sienna AWD LE

The Van has a very rough ride and has been to the shop regularly, not at all what I expected.

166 words

Sienna CE 3.3 V6

Overall, it's a amazing minivan -- faster and more maneuverable than most cars

240 words

Sienna LE 3.3

Fake good reputation

63 words

Sienna XLE 3.3 VVTi

Great family car, but not a good tow vehicle

234 words

Sienna XLE AWD

Do not buy an all-wheel-drive Sienna

406 words, 67 comments

Sienna xle 3.8?

I still like the car

47 words

Sienna LE 3.3 V6

This is the best van on the road today

266 words, 1 comment

Sienna No Designation 3.6

A great family van bargain!!!

93 words

Sienna LE

A little pricey, but a quality car that should last

118 words, 1 comment

Sienna LX 8 pass 6 cylinder

A top-notch family ride

108 words

Sienna XLE Limited 3.3L V6

Luxurious Van, Smooth Ride, Ample Space

156 words, 1 comment

Sienna 3.3L V6

It's a high quality, family mover.

59 words

Sienna LS 3.3L V6

A low performing unsafe vehicle

416 words, 24 comments

Sienna LE

A super comfortable minivan

162 words, 2 comments

Sienna CE

Great comfort ride, smooth as silk

212 words, 6 comments

Sienna XLE 3.3L V6

The absolute finest minivan on the market today

644 words, 1 comment

Sienna XLE 3.3L V6 3MZ-FE

Like no other minivan on the road- you'll be proud to own this one

160 words