2004 Toyota Sienna LE FWD 3.3L V6 from North America


Hunk of Junk, buy a Mazda!


The A.C. stopped working.

Power sliding door motor had to be replaced twice.

The engine check light comes on randomly.

Cylinders began misfire problems shortly after I bought it.

The tires can't hold air.

Spark plug had to be replaced.

For some reason the driver door would not latch unless slammed as hard as possible, causing my battery to die several times.

Premature brake wear.

General Comments:

It was a waste of my money.

It was an unreliable piece of dog poo that is under performing, sloppy and ugly.

I'll probably smash it with a mallet when I am done with it.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2008

17th Oct 2008, 11:39

So true.

I sold my Mazda MPV last year and bought a new Sienna.

The biggest mistake of my life.

2004 Toyota Sienna LE 3.3L V6 from North America


A good choice for a family vehicle


Passenger side power sliding door malfunctioned.

Sprung an oil leak at 66,000 kilometers.

General Comments:

Handles well and does not feel as big as it really is.

Acceleration is average.

The second row seats however are uncomfortable due to poorly located child seat mounts.

The third row head restraints are stiff and difficult to adjust.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2008

2004 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited 3.3L V6 from North America


Generally a solid vehicle


I've just noticed that the plastic latch which secures the sunglass storage bin is cracked and, it's obvious that this part will break off completely in the very near future. Even when brand new, the plastic latch / hinge was never tight. It seems that this part was designed so it would last for the warranty period, but not much longer. The latch is integral with the sunglass holder so, once it does break, the bin will fall open and, the entire bin will have to be replaced. I'm surprised because Toyota usually does much better. This post is my first attempt to learn how many other Sienna owners are experiencing this particular problem.

The OEM tires only lasted about 22,000 miles (all my old cars routinely saw 50,000~65,000 miles on tires; I'm not an aggressive / wild driver).

Sometimes, there is a noticeable pause after I press the accelerator. I understand that this is due to Toyota's decision not to use a mechanical linkage. Toyota went with a "fly by wire" electronic control system. I believe that the 2004 Sienna was Toyota's first consumer use of this new control system.

Otherwise, this Sienna has been reliable and, the dealer service department has handled the various recalls well.

General Comments:

Its' a comfortable minivan for long trips. Toyota had safety features such as Daylight Running Lights, Heated Side View Mirrors and, larger rims & tires that were not even available as options on the Honda Odyssey (I don't know if that's changed since I bought my Sienna in 2003).

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Review Date: 16th July, 2007

2004 Toyota Sienna awd from North America


Solid, but has problems


Wire for automatic door broke, my sister in law with the same car, same year also had it happened. Toyota paid 60% of cost with dealer paying 20% of the cost.

We had a lot of water in our roof, Toyota Canada blamed it on too much snow on my children's boots.

General Comments:

Great car in winter, Toyota customer service does not follow through on complaints.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2007

2004 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited from North America


The 04 Sienna is generally a very reliable car


Tires needed replacing at 19,000 miles and again at 41,000 miles.

Rear lift gate hydraulics were replaced when van was less than two years old.

Car surges and will not accelerate when attempting to accelerate suddenly, like when trying to avoid an accident.

One of the rear window shades had to be replaced after less than one year.

General Comments:

Car is comfortable and reliable. It is great for long trips (>8 hours done regularly).

The regular early replacement of tires is a concern. I see many complaints about it on various websites.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2007

2004 Toyota Sienna LS from North America


Nice with some difficulties


Radiator recalled and replaced by dealer

Uneven tire wear and required replacement at 40k

2 front brake jobs - 25k and 48k.

General Comments:

Car is comfortable and powerful enough. Gets 22mpg average for me. Nice conveniences and well put together.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2007