2004 Toyota Sienna CE from North America


Our first Toyota may be our last.


When our Sienna was a couple of months old we were excited to take it on its first road trip. An hour out of town, we had a flat tire! It turned out that all the tires had to be replaced.

We have also been noticing electrical glitches with the stereo system. Sometimes we can't switch stations on the radio; other times we can't change the volume. One day, the radio ran nonstop. We couldn't turn it off! We couldn't even turn the volume down to avoid hearing it!

Our latest disappointment is with the driver's window. It won't budge. Neither the dealer nor Toyota will help us get it fixed.

We paid a little more than we wanted to for this van so we could take advantage of Toyota's quality. It looks like we made a big mistake.

General Comments:

Family friendly features of the Toyota Sienna are overshadowed by poor quality.

Toyota needs to improve the brakes, acceleration, electrical system, and customer service.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2006

14th Apr 2006, 12:19

Why did all of the tires need replaced?

14th Apr 2006, 13:34

So the tires went bad? That could have been your fault. The radio has a glitch? Not exactly a big thing. The window won't budge. Fine, get it fixed. Other than that, I can't understand why this Toyota will be your last.

2004 Toyota Sienna SIENNA LE 3.3V6 from North America


Toyota's version of the Chrysler based minivans that's "family and kid lovable"


Been trouble free.

General Comments:

The Voyager was crappy compared to the Sienna. My husband, my twin daughters, and myself absolutely love this van!! It does everything that a Chrysler based minivan does, but it does it better. The reliability ratio sets it apart from the Chrysler based minivans. Trust us, if you're in the market for one of these minivans that have been well advertised on the commercials, go to your Toyota dealer and test drive one. Chances are that one test drive will convince you to own one. It's great for kids, family friendly, and perfect for first time moms, soccer moms, and a growing family. Own one, and you'll love it like we do!

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Review Date: 28th February, 2006

2004 Toyota Sienna LE AWD from North America


Safe, comfortable, reliable, family vehicle


Sliding Doors Act Odd Sometimes.

Couple recalls dealt with.

Waiting for Run-flat replacement time $$$$$

General Comments:

This car has been a great family vehicle. Our first minivan and we were not sure how we'd like it. Plenty of room for people and all the extra STUFF your wife makes you bring along when you have kids. The AWD performs great. The van is better in the snow than my 4x4 Pathfinder. We tow a larger size pop-up camper with no problem at all. The van keeps up speed on the highway even with the extra load. We do mostly highway driving and average 22-23 mpg overall. The side sliding door which operates manually does not always latch in the open position. This is a pain when parked on a decline and you want the door to stay open. Wish we sprung for the built in DVD player. Would be nice on long drives with little kids. Have heard horror stories about the run flat tires, but (knock on wood) so far we have had good luck with the Bridgestone run flats. We're at 25K miles and still plenty of tread left. If we crack 30k I'll be satisfied given the problems others have had.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2006

2004 Toyota Sienna LE from North America


Brakes replaced at 19,000 miles, then again at 34,000. Told by the deal that this is 'normal.'

Transmission non-responsive-- 'dead spot'-- at certain speeds and in cornering.

Middle right seat belt-- complete assembly replaced twice; now a recall replaces the bezel.

Irritating noises and squeaks in interior.

Road noise/wind noise beyond what it should be.

General Comments:

Serious issues with early brake wear. Car lacks the overall quality of previous Toyota's I've owned.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2005