17th Apr 2006, 21:35

After reading the last comment, I must stand up for the original reviewer.

"The radio has a glitch? Not exactly a big thing." Mein arse. Not being able to change the volume on your stereo, or even turn it off, is a MAJOR problem for anyone but bass-happy rice boys, who can't hear squat anymore anyway. And it's a common one with Siennas, too. Imagine being stuck in a traffic jam, children and dog in the back, with no way to control your car's sound system; it doesn't matter if it happens every day or once a year, it is a dreadful, nerve wrecking experience which can pose as much of a safety risk as sudden mechanical failure. Most of us need our brains to drive, you know.

As for the other faults, I would consider a problem which prevents you from driving the vehicle to be fatal! Of course, we would need to know more about the problem, but from the perspective of someone who admits he overspent to buy what he expected to be a high quality, reliable vehicle, any faults are absolutely intolerable. After all, Toyota does charge a premium for their legendary reliability, and by doing so they are inevitably setting a very high bar for themselves in people's minds. I own a Sienna too, and have had enough problems with it to make me think Toyota's reliability is a bit overrated; yet having owned a Chrysler Voyager before it, and reading the comments on this site, I must say Toyota is still light-years ahead of other automakers.

16th May 2006, 22:45

I was wanting to know if I was the only one with an 03' Sienna that was having problems. Just today my power sliding door stopped working and won't open at all. The check engine light came on recently, and now the key fob doesn't work to lock the car. It unlocks it, but not the opposite. Also, it's got an issue of overheating. The price was a bit too excessive in my opinion, and now it's not even reliable. What happened to Toyota?