2004 Toyota Sienna LE 3.3 from North America


Fake good reputation


In addition to Toyota Recall about radiator and power steering hose, recently, there is rattling noises that come and go. Is this toyota quality?.

I made two appointments with dealer about this issue, but they cannot locate them.

General Comments:

With the amount of money paid for this baby, I could have bought two caravan . I bought it due to toyota quality reputation, but...

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Review Date: 11th February, 2005

2004 Toyota Sienna XLE 3.3 VVTi from North America


Great family car, but not a good tow vehicle


The driver's seat heater broke, fixed under warranty. Trailer hitch reduces ground clearance to unacceptable level (see general comments).

General Comments:

The current model Sienna is spacious, reliable and performs well... certainly superior in all regards to the previous ('98-'03) design which was our last minivan. We have yet to drive it in snow, but the reports show it is pretty good, at least for a minivan, which are not good snow vehicles as a group due to their high center of gravity.

The only problem is the suitability of this car for towing. Due to the design (3rd row seats that fold into the body and a low stance), the tow bar (only 1 is available that I could find after much research, a class III HiddenHitch) sits very low allowing for only a few inches of clearance at the rear of the vehicle. We scrape bottom (the hitch) often and as a remedy I'm going to have the car raised which I'm sure will cost $$$. I spoke to the folks at HiddenHitch and they confirmed a) they could not allow for more ground clearance given the design of the car and b) they have received many complaints.

I have owned many Toyotas as well as other marques and I believe that by any measure - quality, value, low running costs, reliability, durability and availability of parts and service - Toyota cannot be beat!!

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

2004 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD from North America


Do not buy an all-wheel-drive Sienna


Run-flat tires could not be repaired.

General Comments:

We have had a serious problem with our 2004 Toyota Sienna.

Our new $35,000, Sienna All-Wheel-Drive came with Dunlap run-flat tires and no spare tire. Last week we picked up a nail in one of our tires during the 100 plus mile trip from Boston to Cape Cod. The run-flat tire allowed me to complete the drive, but then the nightmare started. The local Toyota dealer told me they had received a notice advising them not to repair the tires, and to make matters worse they did not have any run-flat tires in stock and could not expect to obtain them through their normal parts system. After my wife explained we were stranded on our way home to Virginia the parts manager called the factory and was able to have a tire shipped in. The tire arrived two days later; cost $281 after taxes, and we paid a tire shop that had the equipment necessary to work on run-flat tires $32 to mount it. Interestingly, the tire shop was a Dunlap distributor and the manager said he repaired the Dunlap run-flats all the time and would have had us back on the road in one hour if we had come to him first.

I then spoke with my Virginia Toyota dealer who confirmed the story about not repairing the tires and the difficulty they were having in locating replacements.

I have since tried to create my own spare tire by purchasing a similar sized regular tire and rim. A number of different brand tires are available in this size, but I could not find a suitable after-market rim. The Toyota rim costs $450, and in addition there is no place to carry a spare tire in the all-wheel-drive Sienna.

I feel like we have been had. We have purchased six Toyotas because they have always been dependable. The Sienna is designed to be a family automobile. I purchased an all-wheel-drive Sienna in order to take my family safely into ski country where it is unlikely that the average auto repair or tire shop has the equipment necessary to work on run-flat tires. No one told me a tire shop needed specialized equipment to work on run-flat tires. No one told me Dunlop run-flat tires could not be repaired. No one told me they could not be easily replaced. No one told me they cost $280 each.

What was Toyota thinking?

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Review Date: 28th September, 2004

7th Oct 2004, 14:05

I too have a 2004 Sienna with run flat tires. I am having the exact same experience as you. I had a nail in the tire and Toyota said not to repair it. After investigating the price of the replacement tire which was outrageous, I went to a tire dealer and they repaired the tire. I have spoken to Dunlop and Toyota and no one wants to take responsibility for this. In addition, I was told by the Toyota dealership and the tire repair shop that my tires are woren after 33,000 kilometers and all four required replacement. Dunlop also will not take responsibility for this and claim I was driving too long with low air pressure or there is a mechanical difficulty. We have had a Previa for many years and loved Toyota products. I would now like to get rid of this van as I believe Toyota should have informed their buyers on the risks of these tires. Also, I do not want to own a van that requires new tires every 33,000 kilometers.