2004 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited 3.3L V6 from North America


Luxurious Van, Smooth Ride, Ample Space


None at this time.

General Comments:

We got the Sienna XLE Limited a month ago and we couldn't ask for more. It's the top of the line model and checked off every option it had (Limited Package #6). I consider it the most luxurious minivan on the market right now. All safety features available are standard. Leather, power everything, power sliding doors and rear hatch, park-assist sonar system, Laser-Guided Cruise control, HID Lights, Moonroof, JBL Premium 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer, and 17" Alloy Wheels standard. We even went and got the Optional GPS Navigation System and DVD Player. All those features aren't available on other vans. It features a car-like ride found on the Camry. Power is abundant and can get us onto the freeway at full load with ease. There's plenty of space, lots of cup-holders, and all are conveniently placed. Price, however, was a bit high. At $38,456 MSRP, it's not cheap. We got $1400 off.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2004

16th Feb 2004, 21:00

I forgot to mention that the only thing I disliked was that the standard JBL Premium Sound System wish 6 Disc In-dash CD Changer was replaced with the same system except a single-disc feed. It was because the GPS Navigation took over the same space and the CD Player and Cassette player is hiding behind the navigation system. The navigation flips down to reveal it.

2004 Toyota Sienna 3.3L V6 from North America


It's a high quality, family mover.


Vehicle hesitates badly if on, then off, then on gas for acceleration.

Acceleration is the 'drive by wire' or electronic type, and doesn't seem to be perfected yet.

General Comments:

This van has good power throughout acceleration range.

Fit and finish is excellent.

Has plenty of room and flexibility in seating and storage.

Toyota badge has quality written all over it.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2004

2004 Toyota Sienna LS 3.3L V6 from North America


A low performing unsafe vehicle


Gas tank was replaced due to recall.

Check engine light after approximately 150 miles after replacement.

Dealer said, "We had not put the gas cap on correctly." I explained to the dealer his mechanic had filled the tank last when they replaced the gas tank. Dealer fixed nothing. I called Toyota corporate customer service and asked them if they had trained the dealerships in installing the tanks. Got a warm fuzzy call from the dealership's clueless part-time warm fuzzy customer service gal.

Another fill-up with gas, and check engine light comes on again after about 150 miles. Take it back to dealer again. This time I get a loaner car and am told the car will be ready tomorrow. Tomorrow turned into three days, at which point they told me the parts were on backorder and I would not get it back for 21 days. I call Toyota corporate again, and get a "parts expediter" looking for parts. Called my lawyer as by our state laws if a vehicle is out of service for more than 20 days it's a lemon and the dealer gets to eat it. Three more days and they get it fixed Toyota corporate has opened one of the incomplete tank kits to give the dealer the parts needed. So, as you can imagine I have become extremely frustrated.

In addition to gas tank problem, the interior molding is falling apart, and the sliding door squeaks loudly while the car is in motion. Looking at the door it is obvious the pads and mounts do not line up, but dealer is unable to fix it.

The transmission is extremely slow to engage.

General Comments:

The product is not as good as expected.

I recommend that no one buy a new model Toyota. Instead wait three years and look for the recalls and complaints. Who would have thought it would fail safety testing? The lowly Kia van ranked well in safety. Do we know the dealer installed anything that it any safer than the original flawed design? This is my family in this vehicle and I don't like depending on a company which sold a defective product.

Luckily, we never sold our 1998 Nissan Maxima (95,000 miles) or our 1994 Nissan pickup (153,000 miles) which both have performed far better than we ever imagined. Minor maintenance only.

I only wish the Nissan Quest minivan were as large as the Toyota. I believe Nissan makes a better engine/transmission package, but the interior design team needs help.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2003

16th Feb 2004, 09:51

Funny, I have never heard such a thing called the Sienna LS. Another funny thing, our 1998 Maxima SE almost killed us on the highway. The car's engine decided to shut off on a full tank of gas and it wasn't overheated. We had no power steering and we plowed into a wall at 65MPH. And to make it worse, the passenger airbag was stuck and my son's head dived for the glove box area. I have never had this problem with a Toyota. Had a 1988 Corolla that was only demolished when a garbage truck went over it. Our 1995 Camry is running like a charm. Our friend's Sienna had to be recalled. Never heard him complain. But I can agree with you that sometimes Toyota's service is frustrating.