20th Feb 2004, 09:31

I have three cars all maintained exactly as recommended by the manufacturer. Only the Toyota developed engine sludge. When I took it in to get it fixed, I was told that my engine was only moments away from completely seizing, which would have been catastrophic if it had happened during my freeway high speed commute. Mine was 2002, not 2004, and I don't know if they fixed the engine problems in the 2004 or not. Look at www.google.com and search for "Toyota Engine Sludge".

1st Apr 2004, 16:18

Well, my Sienna 2004 has been having problems after problems. As said, the gas tank had to be replaced; the sliding door squeaks loudly. I was able to pinpoint however, that it worsens when there is warm temperature. Where we live now is cold, so is not doing it; however, during the warm months of summer is annoying.

The interiors are terrible and also breaking down. There is a rattling noise on the engine that the dealership was not able to fix and the a/c kicks in with another loud noise.

Today I got stranded on the road when my gas line broke. That was very frustrating. I hope they fix all the problems because it is definitely a low performing vehicle which does not meet the expectations that we had from Toyota.

22nd May 2004, 07:25

I've owned many cars, 3 VW's, 1 Subaru, 2 Ford, 3 Chevy's and 6 Toyotas. Every other car has died except the Toyota's the oldest being a 86 Celica with 500,000 miles on it. I own a 2004 Sienna. You have a lemon, call the dealer back and tell them that you want to talk to the regional manager and tell him that you expect quaility from Toyota, explain what you have done to try to fix your problems and if they still do nothing tell them you will never buy from Toyota again. This should work.

22nd Jun 2004, 12:20

I have owned a 2004 Sienna XLE since October 03 and have had nothing, but problems with it. The first week we owned it, it rolled back on a hill in drive so violently when we took our foot of of the break that we crashed into the car behind us.

We have taken it in four times for rolling back on hills, transmission that doesn't always "go", and tire pressure light that keeps coming on.

Toyota could not fix any of the problems and said that these were normal in their vans.

We went through a hearing with the National Center for Dispute Settlement and Toyota and was declined a refund.

We have obviously received a lemon of a vehicle and plan on taking further legal action. Toyota has had many problems with the new van, but don't want to take responsibility for them.

If anyone else is having any problems, please let me know. A class action lawsuit may be in order.

16th Jul 2004, 08:47

We have a Toyota Sienna 2004. At 22,000 miles the brakes began squeking incessantly and loudly. We had the appropriate servicing done, but Toyota would not do a thing. We assume the pads or shoes are shot, but we have never had a new car or van with brake problems at 22,000 miles. We took the car in at 34,000 prior to our warranty expiring and they said the VERY LOUD sqeaking was a problem with all vans and they weren't going to do anything. The sqeaking is loud and embarrassing. I don't think a customer should have to pay for brake work at 22,000. Has anyone else had this problem?

29th Jul 2004, 21:12

My 2004 Sienna also makes a loud, crunching sound, coming from the rear, when firm pressure is applied to the brakes. When I took it in for service I was informed that the service manager "thought he read somewhere that this was a problem in the Sienna". The brakes were reported to be "fine", however, whenever I hear this noise I wonder--it sure doesn't sound "fine". I am also unhappy with the AC. This is my second summer with the car and I don't recall that is was slow to cool last year. When I took that in for service I was told that it is normal for the van to take up to 20 minutes to begin to cool!! My radiator was replaced at approx. 17,000 miles.

3rd Aug 2004, 10:48

We own a 2004 Toyota Sienna and have had it since May 2003. At first, we loved it, now we are beginning to wonder. I was left stranded after the gas line broke and there was 12 gallons of gas underneath the van, not to mention I had five children with me on that day. That was the worst thing that has happened, these are the other five:

1. Terrible rotten egg smell.

2. Squeaky, annoying sliding door problem.

3. Very loud, squeaky brakes at 18,000 miles.

4. Seat belt problems.

5. Bad engine knocking at 19,000 miles.

The last one is the final straw, if we do not start getting somewhere with Toyota service, it is time to get serious about crying lemon law. We have always loved toyotas and unfortunately, this experience will probably have us at the honda dealership next time around. A very disheartened Toyota owner.

25th Aug 2004, 14:21

I bought a used 2004 Toyota Sienna in July 2004 with 19000kms to save a little money. I am female and this is the first vehicle I have bought totally on my own. Already I have had to have the radiator replaced. I am lucky I made it to my destination. Now I am noticing that the van is very squeaky and sounds like an old cargo van. Did I get a lemon? I am so upset. I tried so hard to be smart with my purchase.

7th Oct 2004, 10:42

We bought our Sienna new in 2000 with 6 miles on it. On the way home from the dealer the check engine light came on. That was just the beginning of our Toyota nightmare. Within 4 years we replaced the fuel injectors 3 times at $1400.00 a pop, the engine wore down because of sludge build-up (which they did replace, but we were without our van for 3 weeks), the water pump was replaced, various sensors have been replaced at different times and the power door stopped working the second year we had it. It would be $1000.00 to fix the door. We are very disillusioned by Toyota, as we spent a little extra for the Toyota name simply because of their supposed reliability. Next time we will buy a Nissan.

10th Oct 2004, 21:09

Thanks guys and gals. I was about to put down the money to buy a used 2004 Sienna. Instead, now I will do more research on the problems you have discussed and see how often they are actually occurring before I consider this purchase. I hope the problems mentioned are rare, but I guess we'll see. Thanks again for your comments! Is there anyone out there who has actually had no problems?!

21st Dec 2006, 23:34

I have a 2004 Toyota sienna LE and the brakes started squeaking at 17000 miles. so I took it to the dealer and got it repaired. now we all are happy. and my friend had the same problem and called his insurance company and they payed for him.