Scirocco 1.8L 8v

Wish I was 16 in 1987 so I could've bought one new

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I only wish it could be brand new again.

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Scirocco 16V 1.8 PL

Classic VW, Blast to drive !!

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Scirocco 16V 1.8 16v


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Scirocco 1.8 16v

I will never sell this car

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Scirocco 8V 1.8L 8v

A nimble little econo-pocket rocket

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Scirocco 16v 1.8 16v

An engineering masterpiece

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Scirocco 16V 1.8 16v 6-cylinder

A classic waiting to happen

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Scirocco 16V 1.7 gas

A must own for any performance nut

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Scirocco 16V 1.8L 16v

The car you love to repair!

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Scirocco 16v 1.8 DOHC 16v

A rare, sweet performer from VW!

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