SuperNova Rapsodie 1.4

Pretty good car

102 words

SuperNova Clima 1.4

A strong and reliable car

125 words, 1 comment

SuperNova clima 1.4 petrol

Very good for the money you're going to pay for it

18 words

SuperNova Rapsodie 1.4 petrol

Acceptable for the price of e4200. I would not buy the A/C model

98 words


SuperNova 1.3


55 words

SuperNova Clima 1.4

Great budget car, if you're not too exquisite

173 words, 1 comment

SuperNova 1.4

I have a Dacia Logan, now. I will definitely miss this car

243 words

SuperNova clima 1.4

It's the best car I can afford

36 words

SuperNova 1.4

A very good cheap car and good for Romanian roads

226 words

SuperNova Clima 1.4 unleaded petrol

A good cheap car

102 words

SuperNova Rapsodie 1.4i

A car for 5000km a year tops

135 words, 7 comments

SuperNova Rapsodie 1.4 petrol

Dangerously fast for its stability, otherwise a good bargain

224 words, 5 comments

SuperNova 1.4 gasoline

A pretty good car

47 words

SuperNova Clima 1.4

Best car for this price

35 words, 1 comment

SuperNova 1.4

It's not a car. It is a bad joke

22 words, 8 comments

SuperNova GTi 1.4i unleaded gasoline

A good deal

37 words


SuperNova 1.4 unleaded

Best car you can buy with this money

88 words