Lada Samara reviews from UK and Ireland


Samara 1.3S 4dr Saloon 1.3

A good solid, sensible car, huge value for money

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Samara S 1.3

Cheap and cheerful with bags of fun. Just don't race anyone

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Samara GSX 1.3 petrol

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Samara S 1.3

A super car for the price no-matter what anyone says!!!

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Samara S 1.1

Good, if uninspiring, no-frills transport from A to B

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Samara 1.3

A complete waste of money. Better secondhand cars around for less. Does anybody want to buy it?


Samara GL Flyte 1.5

Fantastically cheap and easy to look after, but you might need to get your hands dirty!

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Samara 1100L 1.1

A fantastic bargain

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Samara S 1.3 petrol

Inexpensive, reliable, fun!

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Samara GLX 1.5

Very reliable car

183 words

Samara GL 1.5i

Cheap and economic and a good runabout around the town

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