RX8 230 PS 1.3

If you want it, its got it

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Lacking in torque

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RX8 231ps Sat Nav 1.3 rotary

Thirsty but AWESOME car, little oil consumption too!

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RX8 230 1.3 Rotory engine

Unique and amazing, Buy one!!!

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RX8 1.3 Rotary

Total Rubbish, What a waste of Money!

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RX8 192 PS Renesis

I'm very impressed with the style and performance

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RX8 231Ps version

Not a bad car, but drive it before you decide it's wonderful

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RX8 192ps 1.3L Rotary

It is an absolute pleasure to drive

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RX8 High Power 1.3L rotary

The car does exactly what it says on the tin

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RX8 230ps 1.3L rotary petrol


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