2003 Peugeot 307 1.6 petrol


Would be good if it worked


4 new tyres.

Catalytic converter.

Replaced wiper blades.

Exhaust manifold replaced.

Whole exhaust replaced.

Several sensors replaced.

New battery.

Gear box failed.

Key fob broke.

CD player refused to work.

Work needed doing on the suspension.

Steering and brake fluid cylinders needed replacing.

General Comments:

We owned the car for twelve months, and it has caused us no end of problems, and has broken down on several occasions.

When the car was working, it was reasonably comfortable, and is easy enough to drive.

When the warning lights were on, fuel economy seemed to drop. Which is probably to be expected.

The car was in for repair on an almost monthly basis. Easily the most unreliable car we've owned.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2013

2003 Peugeot 307 1.9 HDI turbo diesel


Good as long as Peugeot don't interfere


Air con loom burnt out replaced.

Rear window wiper motor failed. Replaced.

Tail door handle refused to work; cleaned and oiled.

The vehicle was working fine. Peugeot recalled it because they had a problem with water ingression into the ABS block, although this vehicle did not have a problem. After recall, the vehicle was returned to the main dealer 5 times for ABS faults; each time it was claimed that the fault was nothing to do with the recall (how daft do Peugeot think customers are?) 5 separate sensors had to be replaced, and each time the fault returned within 3 miles of collecting the car from the garage. I would never trust a Peugeot main dealer again!!!

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Review Date: 25th August, 2011

2003 Peugeot 307 SW 1.9 HDi turbo diesel


Car is reliable


Sometimes car accelerates when removing your foot off the pedal, usually in fifth gear.

General Comments:

The vehicle in general is quite good.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2010

2003 Peugeot 307 SE 110bhp 2.0


Good value for money when a couple of years old, only £8000, which is half the price of a new one


Anti Pollution fault warning has been displayed on the warning screen from day one, and despite numerous trips to the dealer it is still on, a quick fix for this problem was to hit the additive tank at the rear of the car, which would fix the problem for a couple of days.

The only other electrical fault was the off side indicator, which needs a new bulb on a weekly basis, the dealer has been unable to trace any fault to the indicator unit.

When the car went in for its first MOT, I was very suprised on the amount of items it failed the test on, considering it had only traveled 28,000 miles. The car needed new brake discs all round, anti roll bar bushes, new dampers on the front and off course a off side indicator bulb.

General Comments:

I still think this vehicle was excellent value for money, considering the spec of the vehicle.

Never broke down and always started first time.

Pretty nippy and gave 47MPG average.

Not the best build quality I have seen, but everything inside the cabin still works fine.

The seat adjustment for the driver is not brilliant for me as I am over 6 foot tall, but is fine for the wife, I tend to get aches in my legs if I drive long distances in the car, (fine for short journeys though).

Apart from the couple of faults, the car has been very good.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2007

13th Apr 2011, 02:02

Be careful and do not touch the additive tank if you suspect a leak. The liquid is potentially carcinogenic on skin contact and gloves and mask must be worn if dealing with it. Of course in true Peugeot style, they stick it under the car in a flimsy plastic bottle or a bladder protected by a dinky weak super thin aluminium cover.

2003 Peugeot 307 S - Station Wagon 2.0 HDi 110


A real drain on your resources and patience


Recall at 1st 12000 mile service, since the odometer was not corresponding with the actual service indicator - 400 mile inaccuracy.

At 50mph or above the wing mirrors vibrate in the air flow, which oozes poor build quality.

Poor panel alignment between front wing and doors is slightly out which makes the car look as if it has been involved in a minor fender bender- when it hasn't!

At 37,000 miles the Mass Air Flow sensor failed, causing poor performance while the engine is warming up - i. e no acceleration and unable to shift the car past 20 miles per hour until the coolant temperature reached 70 degrees. In addition to this, on cold winter mornings you get thick acrid white smoke from the exhaust while this is happening, sometimes accompanied by an 'Anti-Pollution System Fault' message on the screen.

The windscreen developed a crack, without being struck by anything, have been told that this was stress induced.

Horn operation leaves a lot to be desired since the horn works intermittenly, suspect the switches on the steering at fault, since you have to pound the steering wheel to get a hoot.

Suffered complete bulb failure on all my rear lights one evening - to replace, you have to remove the entire plastic clusters from the body work - try doing that when its wet and cold!

Clutch makes a moaning and groaning sound at times; this has occured from 45,000.

The engine has always sounded squeaky and rattle when pulling off with low revs - does not sound like a new car at all, neither does it sound well screwed together.

The air conditioning leaves a very foul cheesy odour when switched off.

The multi-function display washes out under even the most minor of temperature increases, leading to missing pixels.

The outside temperature display is grossly inaccurate since it seems to be out by a good 5 to 6 degrees.

Audio quality is completely rubbish, even the most moderate of bass tones will drive you crazy as the door trim panels rattle with distortion. The high end notes are too clear making it hard on the years as the tweeter speakers are a little too effective, despite changning settings on the stereo.

General Comments:

Though in fairness, the air con is very effective on very hot days- just don't switch it off until you reach your destination.

Handling is pretty good for a car of this class, where you can have a reasonable amount of fun throwing it into bends on twisty roads.

For long distance cruising the car is very quiet, and the engine delivers moderate fuel economy - around 45MPG on the motorway.

Parts are very expensive for this car, it's a Peugeot 307 not a Mercedes/BMW/Jaguar. Oh and don't trust the dealers, took my car for a service and all they did was change the oil - £150 for that, when in the owners manual there is a whole list of things they should have done.

This car is great when it works properly - though being a french car, don't expect that reality to last too long, since it will give you nasty little surprises - you fix one thing and then 1-2000 miles later another little niggling issue will start to develop. It has never broken down on me, it has just left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth regarding the marque and generally the entire french car industry. That's why the car I just aquired is German! ;-)

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Review Date: 10th August, 2007