2003 Peugeot 307 110 DTurbo 2.0 turbo diesel


Fully loaded car, but lacks its predecessors reliability


Driver's door dropped and did not close properly.

The off side mirror intermittently did not move back out when wet.

Boot opening mechanism was unreliable, which lead to it being unable to open the boot at times.

Very bad radio reception, CD player jumps, skips, and crackles through tracks.

Leather keeps coming off the rear of the passenger front seat.

The driver's foot well carpet keeps coming away from the door trim.

The studs to hold the driver's mat in place come out, and on two occasions the mat slid forward and jammed the accelerator pedal down on full revs.

Both doors are not aligned properly

The dealer had left hard lumps of wax all over the car when delivered.

The indicators cancel too quick one way, and don't cancel the other; I have not figured out which way.

General Comments:

I have had three Peugeot's, two 306's, both D Turbo's, and this 307 D Turbo. Both my 306's were very reliable cars.

The 307 is a very nice car, which is fully loaded with all the gadgets, some of which you don't even see on top of the range cars like BMW or Audi. It's just such a shame that it lacks its predecessors reliability.

The most annoying thing about the faults is the trailing back and forward to the garage. Most of the faults have been attended to, but return.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2003

19th Jun 2006, 02:11

I would like to say how much I appreciate this note that you put on the carsurvey web site.

I am looking to buy a 2 or 3 year old vehicle and the P 307 110 was on the shortlist (WAS!). Since considering a number of reviews and comments, I have decided that it is far too much of a gamble, especially as it will be out of warranty!.

The web site is extremely valuable and is considerably useful in car buying!

Sorry Peugeot, I am not convinced about the P 307!

2003 Peugeot 307 GLX 2.0 HDi turbo diesel


Good for the price


At 300 miles, gear box whine on overrun. Dealer replaced gear box oil. The gear box has still got a whine, then the dealer replaced the gear box. The gear has still got a whine. Dealer said that all 307 2.0 HDi 110 have this whine. Men are coming from Peugeot to drive the car. Would like to hear if owners of the 110 HDi have the whine when coming down from 4th to 3rd, and 3rd to 2nd, when the speed comes down to 30mph?

General Comments:

This car is well made, and is good on space.

However the gear box is not.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2003

12th Sep 2003, 06:21

I have owned 2 110 HDi models and both had over-run gearbox whine in 3rd and 2nd.

10th Oct 2003, 04:21

My 307SW 90Hdi has this whine -

Its not particularly irritating so I've ignored it - is it actually a problem?

7th Nov 2003, 10:38

I have driven 2 110 HDI 307's and they both had the whine, basically they all do it.

25th Nov 2004, 07:45

Well I don't own a 307 110HDI. I own a 1.6 16V petrol. I have the whining to which you refer and every time the garage solves it, it returns weeks later.

I have owned my 307 for four months and it has been in the garage 9 times! New gearbox, valves, coils... not what you would expect from a new car. Oh! And get this! By tomorrow afternoon it will be two weeks that my car has been in the garage! At least I have a courtesy car under the warranty (but I had to negotiate with the head office for it to be arranged).

They used to joke about the Yugo (Yugo nowhere.) Given time, there will be one for Peugeot.

28th Nov 2004, 13:49

My 307 is in for (extensive) repair yet again!

I have a brand new courtesy car '54 307 HDI 90 under loan.

Had 360 miles on the clock when I picked it up!. Gearbox is far worse than my 307, something has broke in the seat, went bang! squeeks now!. steering wheel also has un-removed moulding on.. nearly cuts your hand!

12th Sep 2007, 02:01

2001 406 HDI (90).

My gearbox also has the whine...

12th Jan 2009, 11:29

I have the Pug 307 1.6 petrol GLX on 51 plate, done around 66,000 miles and I have just started getting very loud whining. I dropped the oil from the Gearbox and replaced with SAE 140 which seems to be the thickest oil going around. Anyway I still have the dam whining mainly in 4th and 5th, but it's working its way down to 3rd now. Could this be something other than the gearbox itself?

12th Jan 2009, 19:53

More than so it's the gearbox. I had a Pug 306 in the past, S reg, and that did the same, that's why I got shot of it.

2003 Peugeot 307 Rapier 1.6 16v


Great Car


I previously had a 307 of the same specification. However, after 1 week it started to suffer from electrical faults and never really recovered, even after many visits to the dealer.

In the end, I quoted section 14 of the sales of goods act, wrote them a letter and they changed it for a brand new car.

The only fault so far is a clicking noise from the clutch pedal when released, but I'll wait until the 6000 mile service before taking it in.

General Comments:

Compared to the last 307, the perfomance in unbelievably better. The last one felt as if I was driving with the brakes on.

Also, it feels much better in the build department - no rattles or squeaks.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003

8th May 2003, 11:54

Do you have any steering tremors at 70-75mph?

12th May 2003, 06:30

No, I've taken it up to 80mph, and have suffered nothing that I would consider to be a problem. I have however seen this mentioned before, and from what I can remember they can adjust the steering to resolve this problem.

15th May 2003, 05:08

I have the same electrical problems listed by the other owners in my 307 XS 1,6 automatic, so I have updated the software, but without success!!!

I think an electrical component creates conflicts with MULTIPLEX, but I don't know what, so I ask you: Have you installed car-alarm? I think is car-alarm that works wrong, but I'm not sure. Now I have disconnected the alarm and the problems seem solved. Can I be sure??

Until now, two times the electrical brake assistant, ABS and EBC failed.

I think it is not a little problem and I hope Peugeot solve it soon!!!