2003 Peugeot 307 HDI S 2.0 turbo diesel




Nasty wobble in steering wheel when traveling at more than 60MPH; allegedly repaired four times by dealer, but still doing it.

Airbag fault when purchased, repaired under warranty.

Setting number 2 on heaters doesn't work.

Underside engine cover cracked and fell off, dealer wouldn't repair it under warranty.

2 wheel nuts missing, replaced under warranty.


General Comments:

What can I say besides think very carefully about purchasing a 307. It is a lovely looking car in black with the 16" Peugeot alloys and aggressive slanted headlights, but you WILL have something go wrong with it.

I'll start with the good points; Fuel economy is good, handling is good, and the ESP system makes it a dream to drive in the wet. 110 horses for a 2.0 litre diesel is not a lot compared to all of the 150 and 170 units in most new cars, but it puts the 110 down very well, and will take you too 70 from 30 pretty quickly in 3rd; great for getting past trucks and tractors on windy back roads. The comfort and space in the cabin is also very impressive.


Most of these are detailed in the faults section above, but I cannot express my disappointment enough in the dealer I bought this from (which isn't a dedicated Peugeot dealer by the way). The fact that I was told it was wheel balancing that caused the wobble 3 times, before they finally decided to replace the roll bar linkages, which STILL hasn't completely fixed the problem.

The windscreen was chipped quite badly, which I hadn't noticed before purchase, so they said 'no way' to replacing it as it would cost them 200 pounds.

A Peugeot engineer told me that usually to repair the roll bar linkage they may have had to remove the underside engine cover; the same part that three days after the repair, cracked and dropped off at 70MPH on a motorway, but when questioned, the dealer said they didn't remove it and I would have to pay for a new one (even though still in warranty).

I am currently in communication with my finance company to return this vehicle so I can buy something more reliable, and the dealer have also another customer claiming 2000 pounds through trading standards for a service on a vehicle that was paid for, that then turned out never to have been done (not even the oil and air filters were replaced). What really annoys me is that I have had a 150 pound Sony CD head unit fitted, which as I sold the old unit (only for 40 pounds too), I will lose.

I will never buy a Peugeot or go to this dealer ever again! If the dealer had sorted everything out before I originally collected the car, everything now would probably be fine. Long gone are the days of customer service.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2007

2003 Peugeot 307 HDI 110 d Turbo 2.0


In one sentence, one word you mean... C R A P!


Er... everything.

Go to crushmy307.co.uk

Antipollution faults left, right and centre.

Faulty clutch at 6500 miles and 23500 miles.

Air con faulty.

Mirrors don't fold in.

Central locking faulty.

Under engine plastic cover lost twice (needs recalling and sorting BIG TIME).


Apart from the car's junk, Peugeot head office customer service is a joke too! You have been well warned.

My experience with them continues with a blown turbo.

My telephone number is 07863 249096. I would love to hear from other HDI owners with similar faults.


General Comments:

Steer clear.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2007

28th Jun 2007, 12:56

Your one of the unlucky ones then mate. I have a 207 and I am very happy with it.

6th Jun 2008, 10:33

No your one of the lucky ones, your car is completely different from the 307 and as my review titled 'NIGHTMARE' shows I have had similar problems to this guy. When it works its not a bad car. But for me it has worked for maybe 3 months out of 14.

19th Dec 2008, 14:36

I have a 2003 307 2.0 HDi 110bhp and it has been awful.

Antipollution fault 4 times, ABS faults, ESP faults, coolant leaks, flywheel fault and Peugeot service is terrible.

Every time I pull away it makes a whining grunt, which Peugeot cannot diagnose. Previously I owned three Mondeos, all of which only ever required general maintenance, no other problems at all.

Stick with Ford and avoid Peugeot!!

8th Jun 2009, 05:41

I have a 2.0, 110 bhp, 307 HDi and it fell apart on me again last weekend!

Fly wheel had disintegrated, and so have had a solid replacement, and a new clutch kit.

Still have an ongoing lack of power problem, which rears its head usually when the engine is cold, and I'm working my way up the gears, I lose acceleration.

Should never have got a French car!