TownAce NOAH Super Extra 2.0 petrol

Absolutely brilliant

30 words


TownAce deluxe 2.0 diesel

Handles like a jelly on ice skates very comfy though

61 words


TownAce Royal Lounge LTD 2.0

Fabulous... best car/van ever had!!

279 words, 3 comments

TownAce 2.2 turbo diesel

Reliable comfortable people carrier

62 words


TownAce Super Extra 2.0 turbo diesel

Unlike orthodox people carriers, but that is what makes them better

110 words, 4 comments


TownAce Super Extra 4wd 2.0 turbo diesel

Quirky, practicable, affordable quality!

143 words

TownAce MasterAce 2.0 turbo diesel

Very high spec. MPV at bargain prices

136 words, 1 comment

TownAce Super Extra 2.0 turbo diesel

AN excellent MPV on a budget

111 words

TownAce Superextra 2.0 turbo diesel

A super buy

74 words


TownAce Super Extra 4WD 2.0 turbo diesel

Truly outstanding value, comfort, space and all round enjoyment

105 words

TownAce Turbo Diesel

It is very bad

54 words, 9 comments

TownAce Royal Lounge 2.0 diesel turbo

A bargain MPV that is easy to drive

54 words, 4 comments


TownAce Royal Lounge 2.0 EFI petrol

Excellent value for money MPV.

119 words