6th Aug 2005, 09:06

I bought a Toyota Royal Lounge Limited 1994 three weeks ago. The curtains don't work - does anyone know how much it might cost to get them repaired? I knew it when I got it, so it's not a big deal.

It's a comfy car and though it is like driving your three piece suite around, it is excellent. I'd love to know how much to the gallon I'm supposed to get and though people seem to be rating it 6/10 on running costs, that doesn't really tell me. It's difficult to work out anyway, though, cos it's in km/h.

We hit a pretty major problem already though as the prop-shaft is vibrating violently at motorway speeds (60mph and above). The dealer didn't want to know at first, but we took it to a garage we know he does business with and the bloke there persuaded him to at least take the prop-shaft to bits and grease it, and further investigate the problem. I hope it is fixed soon because I really love the car. It's very luxurious. We also sunk our entire savings into it, so I am really praying we don't get stung.

2nd Jan 2008, 15:56

I recently purchased a 1990 Toyota Town Ace (Import). It has a 2 litre turbo Diesel engine with only 184.00 km. I live in Australia and like its 8 seats and twin A/C comfort, etc.

This van has cost me thousands; it started overheating in the opposite fashion! Low rpm eg. highway 110km slowly it would start to get hot. My only solution was to travel with the o/drive off and keep a higher rpm. I got many diagnosis from diesel specialists to radiator specialists. I replaced radiator, fan, water pump, fuel injection, glow plugs, re-did the head and valves, etc.

I finally solved the problem myself with a little Aussie Invention; an electric water pump with more power. Now it never overheats. I installed it myself for $200. I even went and got the electric thermal fan put in (eliminating one belt giving me approx 20% more power and over 560 km per tank).

I hope this helps someone; I was at my wits end!

16th May 2008, 02:47

I have a toyota townace super extra and I am taking off the head. Does anyone know any info to help me? I have done a compression test; 1-3 are 525 and no 4 is only 425 and I have a bad knocking noise coming from top end. Please help me.

5th Feb 2011, 11:20

I must have a unique model LOL. Bought in 2006 an import Toyota Townace of 1991 with 100.000 km on the clock... since then, now at 150000km, can't find anything bad to say!!! Full of people (8) or full of "stuff" (My removal from France to the UK... several trips) Goes as well, as fast and no more petrol. Turns on a coin, very comfortable.

My kids love it. We love it, she is part of the family, and oh by the way, her name is Bertha!! You know the Big Bertha!! LOL. We have decided that the day we buy another car, we will still keep her and have her put back to scratch, just to never forget the good memories.

OK, all that is not very technical, but what can I say, never had any technical problems with... Bertha.

29th Feb 2012, 22:15

Hi. I have a TownAce with the same problem; the water pump. Where and what was the pump called?

I'm an Aussie also, with 5 boys.

28th Jul 2014, 19:45

Hi, could you please specify the type of electric thermal fan you installed on the Rownie??


24th Nov 2017, 06:09

You can increase the speed of the water pump by fitting a smaller pump pulley. Kiwi ingenuity LOL.