1990 Toyota TownAce Royal Lounge 2.0 diesel turbo from UK and Ireland


A bargain MPV that is easy to drive


Nothing has gone wrong.

I've spent a little time getting some things working that were not when I got it.

General Comments:

Excellent value for money.

Front and rear air-con independently controlled.

All round visibility.

Very comfortable people mover.

Rear row of seats fold up to create a huge cargo area.

Spares obtainable through main dealers.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2003

20th Mar 2004, 07:56

So good to read this review. Recently purchased Royal Lounge (I'm in Australia) and love it, but as it is imported people have told me may be difficult to get parts. Also manual is in Japanese so I'm not sure if I'm always doing things correctly. If you have any info about model or other models similar would greatly appreciate help. My email is stevedore@iprimus.com.au.

Thanks again. Reading this review relieved some of my anxiety.

30th Jan 2005, 01:00

I have owned the car for 4 years now. Bought it from a Japanese importer with a speedometer value of 35,000 km. I have now traveled over 100,000 km and have not encountered any major problem. Only recently the air condition system has gone off. I have'nt bothered to have this checked out. It is a good reliable family van, easy to drive and manipulate due to its all round visibility. I have cruised over 120km/hr with little steadiness. For a car built in the mid 1990s everything is electrical. Power steering and electric windows, mirrors and curtains. The model I have is turbocharged diesel engine.

14th Jan 2014, 06:13

Just be VERY vigilant about ANY problems you suspect you may have with the cooling/radiator.

We bought a Townace 6 years ago - it was fantastic at first until the head gasket went a few weeks after we bought it, and it's just done the same thing again.

Has cost us a fortune. If we can't fix the radiator, we basically have an $8,000 cubby house because it's impossible to get another radiator. Parts are extremely hard to get, expensive if you can, and it's expensive to have someone do the work. That's if you can find a mechanic that knows their way around a grey model and is prepared to do the work.

From the bit of research I've done, they're a great car if nothing (major) goes wrong, but if it does... good luck.

29th Jan 2015, 07:00

I also have a 1988 Town Ace. Parts are available if you know where to look.

The most useful vehicle I have ever owned. I also own a Caldina ST246.

Overheating can also be a result of exhaust back pressure muffler blockage, causing the turbo to overheat.

If you need some advice, call me 0407900793.


1991 Toyota TownAce Super Extra 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


AN excellent MPV on a budget


Rear shock absorber leaking when purchased.

General Comments:

The performance of the car is lacking by family saloon standards. But it will cruise at 65 to 70 mph.

Handling characteristics is very van like and sitting in front of the wheels is disconcerting at first.

The high driving position is excellent giving good visibility.

The combination of mirrors give views of virtually 360 degrees around the vehicle.

The passenger comfort is excellent, being able to use the various seating arrangements is real plus.

Luggage space for an MPV is superb.

The trim level of these vehicles is amazing if you compare to their European equivalents. Dual air conditioning electric curtains in the rear.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

1998 Toyota TownAce deluxe 2.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Handles like a jelly on ice skates very comfy though


Curtain trims fell off.

Tends to overheat on long runs i. e 30 miles + at 3000rpm or more so I have to slow down as soon as speed alarm goes off i. e 60-65kmh fuse box tricky to work with.

Fault with l/h e/w (switch faulty)

(no fault, but red button on gearbox lets you select gears without pressing brake)

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Review Date: 12th July, 2002

1991 Toyota TownAce Superextra 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A super buy


Slightly excessive oil consumption, but no smoking.

General Comments:

It's eleven years old, but drives very well indeed. I like the high driving position, the manual box is smooth, I must be getting around 40 mpg.

The diesel turbo engine is not the quietest diesel I've driven, but is very effective, and my Townie has the largest cabin of all the MPV's I've seen. Ample room for eight adults, and the A/C unit is very efficient.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2002