1989 Acura Integra RS 1.6 DOHC from North America


Surprisingly fast, and great handling


These cars are very reliable when taken care of.

The first problem I had when I got this car, was that after a few months, the muffler rusted out (which is fine for the original muffler) so we got a OEM replacement no problem.

The most major problem is the manual tranny took a crap, and right now I am getting it replaced, but this is mostly my fault due to speed shifting and racing; can't help it, this thing's quick LOL.

Another problem that is common with the 80's Hondas/Acuras, is the main relay; over time the solder joints on it will develop small cracks, and cause a no start when hot out, but to fix this you just get a soldering iron and remelt the solder on the connections.

Those are the only problems I've ever had.

General Comments:

I love this car!

It's handling is surprisingly very good; my friends are shocked when I take tight turns fast at how well it corners.

The engine is very quick for just a 1.6; it has over 250,000 miles and still runs very strong. I recently put a cold air intake on it, which I highly recommend; it adds acceleration and sounds awesome!!!

Sadly I am selling her soon; I've wanted a Honda Prelude 92-96 for a while, and just want something newer, plus can't argue with the 2.2 VTEC LOL.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2007

1989 Acura Integra LS 2.2L 4-cylinder from North America


The Car Will Rust Out Before It Ever Dies


With a car with such high mileage, there were problems to expect. The MAJOR MAJOR problems have been rust and the exhaust system.

The exhaust system, though I was assured it was semi-recently replacement when purchased, fell apart at around 210,000 miles. I do not think it had actually ever been replaced.

The power steering crapped out a few months ago. So, now it no longer has that lovely option. It also makes a loud clunking sound when taking corners now. Perfect for waking up the neighbors you hate at 3 AM.

But, the car's biggest fault is rust. Even though it is a 15 year old car, the amount of rust is unbelievable. It is an eye sore to drive behind, as that is where most of the problem is. The trunk seems to be totally rusting out and the rust is bleeding down the back of the car (can I mention the car is white?). The floorboards also appearing to be rusting at a fast rate. The driver's side floor is not looking so hot.

The radio works when it feels like it, reminiscent of a 1992 Accord I used to own. I think this might be an issue for that era of Honda/Acura.

General Comments:

It's amazing that a car that needs so much, can function without so much. The vehicle is not actually DRIVEN by me though I own it, so I can take into account what has and has not been done for upkeep and not feel guilty for it's grossly lacking areas.

The car has not had an oil change in about 25,000 miles. While this is outrageous, of course, the fact that the car didn't even need additional oil until about 3,000 miles ago is fabulous.

The power steering problem could have been prevented. The system was leaking fluid and it needed to be replaced on a weekly basis. Guess who didn't do that? :) By the time I found out it wasn't being done, it was too late.

It still starts up and moves without a problem and still has the great power it probably had at 100,000 miles. This car will rust out completely before it ever dies. Of that, I am positive. It will be any day now that the tires will just pop through the trunk. As for the engine, even without the maintenance normally ABSOLUTELY required of a car this age and mileage, it sounds, runs and drives (with the exception of the power steering) exactly like it might have when it was first rolled out onto a showroom floor 15 years old.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2004

6th Jul 2004, 08:37

If you hear a clunking while taking turns, this may not necessarily be the broken power steering, but your CV joints / boots or the whole CV shaft. You should look into this because if you let it go, you might be stranded once they snap completely.

10th Oct 2008, 19:34

Yes rust is a major factor. I live on the north coast and everything rusts here. One little scratch and the problem grows at an alarming rate.

My Acura LS has a spot of rust right at the base of the hatchback window but there is a solution. It comes in a spray can. It's a rust killer, just spray it on the infected areas and it kills it completely. But you have to act fast; any little scratch hose it down quick. Let the product set and dry on it's own and you've beat the cancer. You can get it at any hardware store.

10th Oct 2009, 14:26

To prevent rust on mine, I've used a treatment process called KROWN. They spray an oil into every crevice, and since it flows, it doesn't plug up holes.

I sprayed it on a sitting car on the calipers. No rust.