2001 Acura MDX from North America


Good SUV, but beware of the transmission!!!


Transmission failed at 106000 miles.

The back of the passenger and driver's seat fell off.

A/C needs re-charging once every couple of months.

Significant rusting on the front portion of the hood.

The wheel ACURA decals become discolored after a couple of years.

Servicing is expensive, requiring approximately $800-$1200 parts and service every few years (timing belt service).

Headlights become dull, due to cheap plastic lens covers, but this is the case with most vehicles.

General Comments:

This SUV is very versatile.

Going camping, hauling kids, or driving across the country; it lacks nothing.

It drives smooth, albeit a bit louder than most luxury SUVs.

The fuel mileage is not great at 17 MPG average.

I have taken this 4 wheeling through the countryside, and never got stuck, due to its awesome 4 wheel drive system.

It's great in the snow.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2012

2001 Acura MDX from North America


2001 Acura MDX - do not purchase due to transimission issues!!!


My 2001 Acura MDX with 113,000 miles has recently experienced the same transmission issue that I have read about on this site.

At first, the Acura Dealer told me that the only option was to completely replace the transmission at a cost to me of $6,000. After researching the transmission issues on this website, I told them that I was aware of the numerous transmission issues on the 2001 MDX. To my surprise, the dealer quickly changed their tune and offered to replace the transmission for me with a brand new transmission for $1,000. I agreed to have this done, but am very disappointed with these transmission issues. I will seriously doubt purchasing another Acura product after this issue.

Also, I think it's completely wrong of the dealer to only agree to reduce the cost after I had to prove that I was an "informed" consumer. Thank goodness for the information I found on the web.

General Comments:

2001 Acura MDX - significant transmission issues.

Dealer will only replace transmission, which is very expensive, ranging from $4,500 - $6,000.

Do not purchase a 2001 or 2001 Acura MDX - buyer beware!!!

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Review Date: 31st December, 2008

22nd Jan 2009, 00:37

Which dealership did you take your car? I have same problem.

2001 Acura MDX from North America


This is a freaking awesome SUV!


The transmission failed at 104000 miles.

The mirror leaks water all over the car after you wash it for miles leaving water streaks - arrgh worse than the tranny failing...

There is a constant chatter noise coming from the glove compartment box that will drive you absolutely insane.

30k, 60k, 100k service is abnormally high - get ready to take out a 2nd mortgage. 100K service around $1200 - really - call local Acura dealer for giggles.

After they changed the front springs (recall), there is a clunking noise every time the car goes over a bump at low speeds.

And finally the rear A/C controls stopped working last week - probably the kids messing with the controls for years.

General Comments:

Even after all the gripes - this SUV is very good. I pulled a 3500 lb boat, camped, went to work generally satisfied.

Too bad gas is over 4 bucks per gallon or I would probably buy another one.

I guess my next car will be some crappy 35 mpg shoe box Corolla or Civic.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2008

4th Dec 2008, 12:08

How did you fix the water leak?

6th Nov 2018, 03:12

I use Flex Seal from Home Depot. Saves a lot of labor cost.

2001 Acura MDX from North America


Great ride, but failed tranny under 100K?


I purchased my MDX with 62000 miles on it. In 'cream puff' condition and running like a top, I had never been happier with a vehicle! I had been a loyal HONDA owner - having two ACCORDS and incredibly happy with both previous cars. I thought I'd 'trade-up' to treat myself to an 'upscale' SUV, as I wanted more room to tote things around.

This MDX was just the ticket. I got reasonably good gas mileage, comfort and a great ride.

- I had the vehicle serviced at the dealer for the necessary service intervals, EGR VALVE, TRANSMISSION SERVICE, ETC. Thought I was being the diligent auto owner taking care of the vehicle I loved.

Well, when the tranny started to slip and make really hard clunking noises a couple of nights ago, I checked GOOGLE and the search turned up lots of company on the subject of a failed transmissions for the 2001 MDX.

I called the service department inquiring about a new tranny- or at least a re-built one from the dealer. I have read of more than one ACURA dealer willing to take the replacement tranny on the chin for loyal customers. Not knowing just how loyal the dealer will treat me, I do know that they had been more than reasonable in the past. They advertise a free replacement car to use during repair work done on vehicles purchased from their dealership. Not being a rich man I can only hope that they can be sympathetic to a guy with a failed tranny with under 100K MILES. I'll keep this venue posted on my results.

I do know one thing: I WOULD NOT think a transmission should fail on a luxury SUV with under 100K miles.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2008