30th Jun 2010, 06:23

The reason why it wouldn't be recalled is because the problems aren't being identified until after the warranty is up. If the problem occurs before warranty, the dealer may cover all or half the cost, as they would then in turn bill Honda North America or Honda Canada. Only if the fault involved something like a sudden loss of breaking or sudden acceleration then Honda would recall. But a transmission only is part of the drivetrain, meaning to the dealer it isn't life or death, it's a cash grab.

2nd Jul 2010, 06:47

MDX 2002.

We had it recalled when it was at 39,000, and then poof just went out couple weeks ago at 139,000. Took it to a transmission shop; said it would be 2500.00 for 12 month warranty to fix, wow.

I have a 2000 Ford F150 4x4 with 185,000 miles and the tranny runs great. I would think a Honda (Acura) would surpass that of a Ford F150 truck used everyday. So I would NOT buy another Acura or Honda, no matter what is said on here. Maybe a Honda ATV or dirt bike :-).

Save yourself time and money... DO NOT BUY AN ACURA MDX.

22nd Jul 2010, 23:07

I have owned the 2002 MDX Touring since Summer 2004. Any recall? If there is, anyone know about it? I had the vibration noise since last year before my vehicle reached 100,000 miles. I love the vehicle, but the noise just bothers me very much. Anyone know how to fix this problem, please let me know. Thanks.

6th Aug 2010, 18:00

My 2002 Acura MDX with 143,000 also had a lot of problems. First code po730, and then back A/C fan.

23rd Aug 2010, 07:54

First owner of my 2002 MDX.

In 2008 while driving, there were strange grinding noises. I went to the dealer and several mechanics, they cannot duplicate the noise, however the noise continues while I'm driving.

In January 2009 at 130K, the check engine light went on, I took it to a dealer, they estimate $5k to replace transmission. There was a warranty for 1 year or 20k, so I got it fixed.

Just recently, in August 2010, while I was on the highway (401 in Canada), all of a sudden I felt a strong jerk, the RPM went up, no speed, I had to exit immediately. The check engine light came on again, D5 flashing, and I can only get about 50km/h on the road. I had to tow it to my mechanic. I spent another $4k to get the transmission replaced.

That's 2 transmissions within 18 months, if it happens again, I'm throwing out the car.

13th Dec 2010, 16:43

Purchased my 2002 MDX with Touring and Nav new, and had been very happy with it for years. Long time Acura/Honda owner for my family. Previously sold our 1991 Integra in 2007 with 150,000 miles in great condition. Vehicle has been religiously maintained through a trusted repair shop along with all my vehicles.

Noticed a noise coming from my MDX transmission / drive-train at about 20-30mph. My repair shop and a transmission shop indicated transmission issues, and indicated that an Acura transmission should not completely fail at 88k miles. Researched online to find numerous complaints of transmission failures on 2002 MDX. Found numerous safety concerns about transmission failure and loss of vehicle control due to lock-up.

Brought to dealership for diagnosis. Dealership confirmed internal failure of transmission - replacement cost $4780. Dealership also recommended $2300 in other repairs my shop believes are unnecessary at this time. Vehicle in great condition, other than trans.

Inquired about warranty and recall notices on Transmission. Was told this didn't apply to my vehicle, and the "jet kit" to address issues with 2nd gear was already installed.

Contacted Acura Corporate for assistance, as others with similar issues referenced Acura has stood behind their vehicles and provided significant assistance / or even covered completely under warranty.

Told by Acura that their "Official position" is that:

1) They would NOT provide any assistance to cover transmission;

2) Warranty expired at 50,000 and that is all they are responsible for standing behind, anything else is "customer good-will";

3) They do not consider me an "Acura Customer" or eligible for "good-will" because our vehicle was not serviced by an Acura Dealership;

4) We should have purchased an extended warranty when we bought the vehicle.

EXTREMELY displeased in Acura's position, comments about "not being a customer" and their unwillingness to provide any assistance with the transmission.

Understand vehicle is 8 years old and not expecting this to be problem-free forever, however, an Acura transmission should not fail completely at 88k miles; My 2003 Ford Expedition runs great at 125k miles.

Purchased Acura on reputation of reliability and customer service. They failed us here on both accounts. Never expected a $45k vehicle to require such significant repairs at such low mileage.

Since they don't consider us "an Acura Customer", I guess they wouldn't consider us a "lost customer" for our next vehicle purchase.

6th Feb 2011, 09:37

I am an original owner of a 2002 MDX, AND had my MDX serviced at Acura. The transmission slips at 30-35, and the check engine light stays on. Acura cannot determine why the light is on using their computers. So no help whatsoever.

24th Aug 2011, 20:43

On 6/23/10, I experienced transmission failure on my 2002 MDX, and brought it to an Acura dealership. I was not informed of the recall issued 4/15/04 impacting transmissions for this year and model, and was quoted for full replacement. Therefore, I had rebuilt at another facility.

Unfortunately, on 8/14/11, I was traveling back from a trip and my transmission locked up on the highway, almost resulting in a crash. I had to have the car towed 215 miles back to the transmission shop that serviced the vehicle. After further research, I identified that this issue was a result of the gear shift becoming too hot at a high speed; causing the transmission to grenade inside. This was exactly what is described as the defect consequence in the recall information. Due to the faulty transmission design, an additional jet oil kit is needed in order to ensure the transmission functions properly to allow fluid to flow through the transmission and dissipate heat. I placed a case with Acura product services, and they denied my case, and did not even contact the two shop references verifying both transmission issues were a result of overheating of the gears. I have now reported them to the Better Business Bureau, but not sure if it will do much good. It is evident from all of these posts that Acura should stand behind their product and make it right. I think there should be a class action suit.

23rd Dec 2011, 23:58

The MDX front brakes grind, probably because the rear brakes stop working when the calipers either get hot, or are out of adjustment. To keep the rear brakes adjusted, make sure you use the e-brakes when you have the car parked. Press the e-brakes all the way down. The car should not move at all when the e-brakes are applied.