1st Dec 2005, 08:01

I own a 2001 Acura TL. I bought it because it was a good value and Honda/Acura had such a good track record for quality and reliability. Unfortunately they seem to have a bunch of transmissions that are of poor design. I received a recall notice just before my first transmission failed. It started to shift strangely. When it downshifted. it would do so very hard jerking the whole car and when it tried to upshift, it would take forever to go into gear. My first transmission was replaced for free at 48,000 miles under the recall. They also extended my warranty to 100,000 miles. Now at 117,000 miles my car is at the dealer to get the second transmission replaced. It is doing the same thing as my first transmission. This is beyond the 100,000 warranty, but ACURA is doing the right thing and replacing the transmission for free otherwise it would cost me in excess of $3500. I hope this new transmission last more than the 50,000 miles I have been getting on my other ones.

3rd Jun 2006, 14:05

I own a 2002 MDX (64K miles) and recently had the emission control indicator light go on for the second time (first time at 35K miles). At 34K the dealer "performed the recall by increasing lubricant", however, now 30K miles later, we are told by the dealer that our transmission needs to be replaced and is not under warranty. The service department called the problem "internal transmission problem/gear slippage". This sounds to me like a continuation of the manufacturer's defect of the transmission. Any advice??

1st Jul 2006, 14:16

My 2002 Certified MDX Touring started having transmission problems within 2 weeks after purchase (5/2006) at 37,500 miles and still under factory bumper to bumper warranty. First Acura dealer (not the selling dealership, but one closer to me), tested it, kept it overnight, but found no problems. Drove it another week, and the washboard ride re-appeared from the tranny and was also downshifting very rapidly on normal deceleration (slowing for a turn or stoplight). Took it to the selling dealership and their tech rode with me and of course it rode fine, but my description indicated the torque converter was suspect. They kept it and I took a free 2006 MDX loaner home. A call later that afternoon had them telling me to keep the loaner another couple days that they would be replacing the transmission. I have no complaints and think any tranny issues on an MDX is not doubted by a decent service tech. I give Acura 5 stars for stepping up and now it rides like a cloud. The best part was signing the receipt with zeroes in all the payment sections. Anyone who buys a used vehicle that is not a Certified with at least some bumper to bumper coverage is gambling with the odds stacked against them.

10th Jul 2006, 18:51

My wife has a 2003 Honda Pilot and it's doing the same thing. We took it to the Honda Dealer and they just replaced the transmission fluid and reset the error code and then month and a half later it's doing it again. I'm curious if they honor the recall ID 04V176000. This is frustrating and I don't want to shell out $3000 for a new transmission.

12th Sep 2006, 12:44

2002 MDX 77K miles. I started hearing a grinding sound 3 months ago, and took it in to a Manhattan Acura Dealership. The service manager told me that the rotors needed to be cut. I doubted it, since I just changed my brakes, but they insisted that this was the problem. $250 later, it was still grinding, so I took it back, and had a tech ride with me. Of course, it did not grind for him. I did some investigation. It only grinds in the high gear (5th). I'm going to call American Honda next. Anyone find that the car only had transmission problems in 5th gear?

13th Sep 2006, 16:19

2002 Acura MDX 74K miles. For first time this past weekend started noticing transmission problems. When in 5th gear car would downshift very jerky. As long as I drove in 4th gear or lower it downshifted and upshifted fine. However later found that reverse is barely working - put in reverse and takes a few seconds before it engages. Took to dealer today and they said transmission has internal failure and needs to be replaced for $4500 and nothing else thay can do. Called Acura Client Services and told them this is unacceptable considering the earlier recall did not fix the problem. They have opened a case and I a m waiting to hear what if they plan to do for me.

14th Sep 2006, 13:34

The case manager/Acura offered to pay for $3000 of the $4500 repair so I was satisfied. Just know that the dealership is not going to offer this to you and will need to come from Acura Client Services.

31st Dec 2007, 16:38

I have a 2002 Acura MDX and have now had the transmission replaced 2 times. Not even 100,000 miles and the vehicle's third transmission. I had to threaten lawsuit before Acura stepped forward and paid for it. I have no confidence that this transmission will last any more than the last two. It seems 40-50k miles is the average for problems to appear.

28th Jan 2008, 11:10

I was just told at 82,500 miles to replace the front and side engine mounts ($600) or it would cause problems with the transmission. I had the transmission replaced at 68,000 miles. They did a good will fix and gave me a loaner, even though they said it was out of warranty so no complaints there.

Now they are stating the timing belt needs replaced. It seems a bit early for that. I noticed a recall on the water pump/timing belt. Does anyone have more information on this?

18th Jun 2008, 17:59

ACURA MDX 2002 58,000 miles.

I thought it was a reliable car because it's a Honda. I went to the dealer because the transmission slips when it goes to the 2nd gear like the other comments. When the dealer checked out the car, they told me that I need a new transmission, which is 4500 dollars. Can anyone give me some tips and pointers?

7th Aug 2008, 23:32

I purchased a Certified pre-owned 2002 Acura MDX Touring Edition and have owned it for 1 1/2 years. Within this time period I have had the motor mounts replaced, problems with vehicle vibrating when I brake (despite replacing the tires & brakes as suggested by the dealer to stop this problem and problem never resolved), navigation system replaced, the transmission replaced, etc... I am pretty upset at the fact that this vehicle is supposed to be in tip top shape and apparently isn't. However, for all 2002 Acura MDX owners who are having problems and not able to resolving your issues with car dealers or Acura/Honda there are lemon laws. Contact a lemon law lawyer and receive free legal advise. Good luck to all!... Angry Acura owner in Philadelphia.

9th Aug 2008, 22:20

Just purchased a 2002 MDX with 117km and I'm not sure if what I hear when driving are transmission problems that you guys are talking about - upon accelerating to about 35, 40kph and up there's like a strong humming sound or like an engine-braking-kind of sound that goes with the speed and fine fluctuating vibration on the steering wheel. Generally it runs good though, just drove it in highway speeds today, only I hear this loud humming sound on the entire trip. I'm not sure but when I try to speedup from around 40kph I can feel a little bit of sluggishness in acceleration pick up, ...or maybe I'm just hesitant to step on the gas 'coz I worry about the sound. I can't hear jerky gear shifting though. Was a manual-shift driver a month ago so I was kind of observing this... starting to worry.

Anyone can confirm what it is? Thanks you guys.