25th Aug 2008, 23:07

RE: Vibration and humming. To the person looking for info on the vibration (posted 9 Aug 2008) - Probably the torque converter. Mine has been replaced several times. It sounds like going over a rumble strip on the highway, but very low. Get the service manager to ride with you to reproduce the sound. It's a VERY common problem. Don't pay to fix it, DEMAND that they pay for it.

1st Sep 2008, 13:51

I own a 2001 MDX Touring with 81,000 miles and am having some of the same symptoms I have read here. I have a little shimmy or vibration when shifting into 2nd gear which I took in for a recall a couple years ago. I am also having that rumble strip noise talked about when in 5th gear going between 40 and 50 at about 1500 RPM. Both of these occur during gingerly driving when barely pushing the gas pedal. I have recently noticed what I thought to be a humming noise at highway speeds, but wasn't sure if it was the car or road noise until I started reading the comments in this forum. Now I am beginning to believe I wasn't imagining the noise after what I've read here. I am going to contact my dealer and see what he says.

12th Sep 2008, 18:01

I was wondering what the outcome was from the Sept 1 2008 consumer that was going to take his car to the dealer concerning the rumble noise in 5th. gear. Thanks, Paul.

13th Sep 2008, 01:13

Acura had big problems with the 2002/03 transmissions. They are not standing behind their product and consequently, losing a lot of business. If you've only had to replace one transmission so far, I would suggest you get rid of it at the first sign of slippage before you dump more good money into a bad problem. With any luck, you'll get a decent trade-in and be done with it.

15th Sep 2008, 13:06

I own a 02 MDX. Bought it as a CPO vehicle 3 years ago with only 37K, the vehicle has been "trouble free" sort to speak, but I have been complaining about the rumbling noise that everyone hears since the vehicle had 55k.

The dealer had not been able to reproduce the noise until today!!! In the past they never find it and always suggested changing the tranny fluid, which seems to help a bit with the noise, and hope you are out of warranty when it fails.

I just dropped off the MDX today at the dealer complaining about the noise, but this time the transmission oil was clean, so was the VTM fluid. The car now has 82k miles and I just received a call from the dealer that I need a new transmission! Luckily for me that I bought this as a Certified pre-owned, which carries a 100K warranty so it's covered, but I'm getting rid of this vehicle soon!!!


28th Sep 2008, 09:06

I have been to Honda, Acura and independent mechanics, and no one can properly diagnose the humming noise at about 20 mph, and then again at 40 miles per hour. I have called Acura and they say the recall repair has been performed (not on my watch). I see they have told others the same. I am sorry, I do not believe it, I want proof. I bought the 2002 MDX in 2004. and it only has a little over 70,000 miles.

This is frustrating, I think the group on this blog should consider a class action lawsuit against Acura for not taking care of business properly.

19th Dec 2008, 01:13


My 2002 TL 3.2 transmission is gone on 115K miles.

The car was serviced upon recall couple years back.

Can somebody tell me if there is a chance Acura will fix it or cover anything in this case?



19th Jan 2009, 12:00

I am the original owner of a 2002 MDX and have had similar problems. The check engine light was on and they never could determine the cause of that. I have 103,000 miles on it and the transmission is slipping under hard acceleration. I have had one of the engine mounts replaced at around 97,000 miles, the rear air conditioner/heater broke at around 60,000 miles, and now the transmission is going to need replaced. I have an appointment in a couple of days and am hopeful that Acura will help me out with the cost. I was also told during my last visit to the service department that I need to replace the timing belt and that it will cost about 1,300. I have to say that I have loved this vehicle, but it seems that now it has become an endless money pit. I have always said that I would buy another one in a heartbeat, but don't think I would after having so many expensive repairs.

25th Feb 2009, 20:28

Purchased a 2002 MDX - (not certified pre owned). Code P730 pulled after check engine light came on. Dealer quoted 4900 to repair then said Acura would cover some 'good will" and dropped the repairs to 3300. Called Acura client services 800.382.2238 to open a case for review. They stated their record only go back 3 years and could not tell me if the recall work performed replaced the transmission or only increased the lubricant. They also stated that if my issue was related to the recall that the transmission would lock up and not just be slipping. I am waiting for a call back after my case is reviewed. It seems lot's of other folks have been here before, hoping Acura steps up to the plate.

PO'd in Seattle!

24th Apr 2009, 13:21

I have a 02 MDX with around 86K miles on it. In last couple of days the SUV kind of started jerking in middle of drive. Next day it started doing more even at lower speeds. I took it to dealership today and they told me that transmission is almost gone, too much slippage. I called Honda client service and opened a case. I am hoping they will take care of this problem.

30th Apr 2009, 08:33

I purchased a 2002 MDX with 63k miles on it, and it seemed fine. About a week later I starting hear/feeling the infamous "rumble strip" noise. At first it was only around the 38-45 mph range, now it happens about every speed until you back off the accelerator.

Currently it has 77k on the odometer. Over the past 3k miles has started shifting rough (throwing your forward upon shifting), slipping while accelerating, shifting at odd times, and down/up-shifting quickly while cruising at highway speeds with the cruise control on. It seems it can't make up it's mind what gear it wants to be in. It now "clunks from "Park" to any "Drive" gear.

From what I have read on various forums on the net, a transmission failure in the 01-02 MDX's is imminent. There needs to be a massive recall of these transmissions. I believe they left the factory defective from poor design. I am not buying any more Acura products.

11th May 2009, 12:19

I have a 2001 MDX with 150K miles on it. It started slipping in second gear at about 120K miles. I had the transmission flushed at that time but it did not resolve the problem.

When I found out about the 2nd gear recall and possible transmission replacement, I just knew I qualified. At first the dealer tried to make me take the car to Canada from Colorado to get the recall work done because it was manufactured in Canada. I called the Canadian Honda company and they told me that the dealer had to do the work, but they don't like to because they often file the paperwork incorrectly with then and land up not getting paid. I called back up to the dealer and told them this, and got an appointment to get the recall work done.

They inspected 2nd gear and told me that there was no "discoloration" in 2nd gear, that I should just get my transmission flushed. Now these problems were going on before and after having my transmission flushed 12 months ago. They sent a picture on request of second gear. Looking at the picture, I don't see how this part could become discolored. Did they just send me a pic of something random to make me shut up? I looks like a gear in a casing. I can only see the teeth of the gear. The gear is black and the casing is silver. If discolored something is supposed to be blue or purple. How can the casing get discolored? With the gear how can black teeth become discolored? I plan to take the car to an independent transmission tech for a second opinion.

Other problems; the rear main seal is leaking and will cost over a $1000 to fix. I understand that this is a common defect of 2001 MDX. To replace the seal they have to remove the transmission. Too many coincidences.