2003 Acura TL Type S 3.2 from North America




Transmission #1 replaced at 28,000 miles.

Transmission #2 replaced at 66,000 miles.

Transmission #3 replaced at 69,000 miles.

Transmission #4 replaced at 74,000 miles.

Transmission #5 replaced at 74,000 miles.

The fifth transmission replacement lasted less than 24 hours. It appears the replacement transmissions are defective as well.

General Comments:

What happened to the quality reputation of Honda/Acura? Although the transmissions have been replaced under warranty, a more defective transmission is being used as a replacement, continuing the safety risk of my family and myself.

Americans do not like this. A sneaky, undercutting, relentless approach, just to look back and realize a mistake was made, in which innocent people were subject to unnecessary peril, injury, hazard and grief.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2007

12th Oct 2007, 18:10

I just read this posting and have to agree. I was surprised to hear that this problem is widespread. Even though I will lose money, my only option is to sell my Acura. I too had three broken transmissions and had to deal with the safety concern each time the dealership told me that nothing was wrong with the transmission, even though it was slipping.

23rd Nov 2009, 11:56

This posting sounds suspect to me. Why would any manufacturer replace a defective transmission with 4 more of the same - a tremendous waste of the mfrs and the dealer's resources. What is to gain there?

24th Nov 2009, 17:15

The May 28, 2007 posting I agree is suspect.

No details are provided as to what supposedly failed in five transmissions. No dates are provided. Was a loaner car offered?

What about the "lemon law"? Generally, dealer has three tries to correct a problem or the original buyer asks for a new car.

I own a 2003 Acura TL Type S with 66,000 miles and no problems. It is a great road car. On the highway I average 27.7 miles per gallon. Just replaced Avid V4s 215/50 with 225/50R17 Dunlop Sp Sport Signature tires, which are an improvement over the V4s that only lasted 33,000 miles.

16th May 2010, 16:13

I don't know if you took it to an Acura dealership, an independent shop, or a chain like Aamco (this information is not provided), but after the third one I'd have taken it somewhere else! My dad had an '03 TL and made it over 80k on ORIGINAL tranny before he traded it..

2003 Acura TL Type S 3.2 from North America


I just bought a used 2003 Acura TL-type S from my local Honda dealership. The car had one previous owner that bought the car new from an Acura Dealership.

I have been a huge Honda fan and have owned 7 differnet Hondas, but never an Acura. When buying this car, it test drove well and had no cosmetic flaws. It only had 48,000 miles on it. I thought it was perfect. I purchased the car with the peace of mind that it was a reliable Honda product.

The car is now in the shop with the local Acura dealership with transmission problems. I have only put 300 miles on the car since the purchase. I am now very uneasy with the car, considering all the other problems that other buyers are having with this model.

Acura and the local Honda dealership are being very compliant. Acura Corporate told me that this car was not under the extended 7yr/100k transmission warranty. The car is out of the factory warranty. Hopefully, Acura will step to the plate and take care of all cost to repair. Has anyone else has an experience with their transmission when no warranty was available? How did Acura handle the situation?

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Review Date: 14th May, 2007

25th Jun 2009, 12:00

The Honda dealer should cover the transmission since you just bought the car and only put 300 miles on it. Check your local lemon laws in your city/state. Also, most reputable car dealers will automatically give you a 3 month 3000mi warranty.

26th Jun 2009, 19:48

Look to your local Honda dealer to replace/repair the transmission unless of course they sold the car "as is" with no warranty. You failed to mention what warranty the Honda dealers provided. Most new car dealers selling used cars offer at least 1,000 miles or 30 days. Many offer extended warranties thru a third party. Consumer Reports has been reporting for years that the 2000 thru 2003 Acura Tl's have transmission problems on a higher number of cars than other makes. Seems the trans part manufacturer used material in third gear clutch that flakes off clogging screens limiting flow of trans fluid. Has been reported Acura repairs after March 2005 corrected the problem.