2003 Acura TL Type S 3.2 Litre V6 from North America


A very refined car, but a sports car nonetheless


There have been no particular problems with ths car up to this point, my only complaint is that the Navigation System's DVD is woefully out of date considering it was implemented in 2003. The available maps in my state are little more than major highways and a few primary roads, I expected a more in-depth listing of streets and landmarks. I understand the latest DVD available from Acura solves this, however it's an extra $185 to purchase.

General Comments:

In all,I absolutely love this car. The fit and finish are top notch, the body is solid, the doors and trunk close with a very smooth click. The acceleration is excellent, there is a bit more torque-steer than I'd prefer, but it's negligible. The brakes are smooth and responsive, the interior is well thought out, and there's actually a lot more space than I expected. I recently had the opportunity to tag along in a short trip in a 2004 BMW 5-series, and I was surprised how much more interior room is afforded to the TL.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005

2nd Apr 2006, 10:07

Brakes are horrible when pad is below 50%.

15th Jan 2007, 20:29

My transmission just blew on 2003 TL-S with under 42 k. miles. Now I am hearing from my private service station and from local Acura dealer that very high percentage of these cars blow one or more transmissions!

21st Jan 2007, 13:27

Acura will replace your transmission for free if you are under 7?years/100k miles after purchase of car.

21st Jan 2007, 18:02

Better check on that you own a Type S!!!

2003 Acura TL 3.2L from North America


It is a good car, but needs some design work


Rock hit windshield at 11,750 miles. $500 OEM replacement was needed.

Steering wheel paint chipped at 12,000 miles. Acura dealership gave a hard time in repairing the problem and claimed that it may not be covered in the warranty.

Plastic hood piece that attaches on to the clamp that locks hood is cracked. Not covered under warranty at approximately 14,000 miles.

Alignment was needed at approximately 14,000 miles.

Realignment was again needed one week after first alignment due to poor alignment job made by dealership. I personally had a better alignment job at my local Honda dealership than my local Acura dealership.

Rattling was apparent in the center dashboard area at approximately 15,000 miles. Took this problem to the Acura (CA) dealership for repair; they failed to properly eliminate the noise. Will bring back at a later time...

Transmission was recalled. I was unaware of this notification until I was told by Scottsdale Acura.

Found a particular Acura (Thomas) (Covina, CA) dealership to have extremely poor service. Oil changes take three hours when they say half an hour. Had an appointment at 7:00 AM and waited one and a half hours until the employees finally appeared.

Found Scottsdale Acura to have better service (I go to school in AZ).

General Comments:

Car handles well.

Seems like the car is falling apart fairly quickly despite my effort to take great care of it.

Interior is very subjective to weather damage when subjected to cold weather.

Exterior seems to be very subjective to damage during desert driving.

Ticking noise is now heard when car is at idle.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2004

2nd Jan 2005, 11:55

A rock hitting your windshield is not a problem with THE vehicle..

18th Feb 2005, 12:46

I would have to disagree with the comment posted above. A rock hitting a windshield may be a problem of the vehicle due to the fact that the windshield is weak and susceptible to minute debris. It would depend on the size of the rock! If it was small and you were traveling at a relatively slow speed, then it is a DESIGN FLAW!

17th Feb 2006, 15:03

My opinion on most of those comments is sometimes you just don't get a good dealer. The right answer is to use another dealer. And the car is already ticking? Most of the cars today that you hear ticking are driven by high/college students. (meaning they are pounding on the engine)