27th May 2011, 23:38

I just bought a 2002 TL Type S with 114k miles on it. The car runs awesome and looks great. I am getting good gas mileage, and so far no troubles at all.

I am starting to get worried after reading all these posts about the transmission. I am wondering if from reading here, that all the transmissions are bad and will fail. I am wondering if the car I just bought is going to be leaving me walking soon.

Has anyone had a good experience with a 2002 Acura Type S? I am hoping that this car will last for years with no troubles.

6th Aug 2011, 10:31

Update to my post about my 114k 2002 Type S. Yep, the transmission failed on me. Trouble code P0740 came up for the TCI module in the transmission, meaning terminal failure. I was shocked as it went from working fine to clunking and missing shifts between 2nd and 3rd.

I took it to my local Acura dealer, and the service manager agreed to call Acura and see if they would cover it. Much to my surprise they offered to help significantly. They required that I also replace the ECM and the engine mounts, which had small cracks in them. Total out the door cost was 2658.00. They let me use a brand new 2011 TL with Tech Pack while mine was in the shop.

I am very pleased with how this went down, as the total cost of all of this would have been around 5950, so Acura really helped me out here, and I will keep driving this car. I even got a 3 year warranty for free on the transmission. I am already planning on another Acura in the near future; maybe a new TL or a TSX Sport Wagon.

28th Aug 2011, 13:15

I too own a 2002 Acura TL. I have owned this car for 5 years. I have had no problems, except regular maintenance. We were on a road trip to Colorado, coming from Texas, The car had just turned 110,000 miles. Unexpectedly the check engine and traction control light came on and stayed on. We were 50 miles from nearest town, so we drove with caution. Lo and behold, the transmission failed in the middle of nowhere. Had it towed to Raton, NM. It cost a little over 6,000.00 for transmission and other damages due to the excessive heat from the burned up transmission.

I called Acura when I got back to Texas, found out there is a recall on mine for the second gear failing. Had no idea about this, so keeping my fingers crossed that they reimburse me. If not, I will file in the small claims court. We will then see how fast Acura takes care of it.

1st Dec 2011, 19:12

My 2001 TL with only 62,500 miles died last night on my way back from Cripple Creek, CO. What a pain last night was, does anyone know anything about the recall?

2nd Dec 2011, 11:49

I knew about it with 28000 miles on mine, and only 2 years old. I sold it with 41,000 miles on it at 3 years old. Worst beating I ever took on a car sale, but am glad to be rid of it. CarFax reported the trans, and I suspect it devalued my car; I got 10k for it. Garage kept, Black with Black interior Type S.

28th Dec 2011, 15:05

FYI, the Acura 3.2 TL is made in Marysville, Ohio, so it IS made in the USA!

29th Feb 2012, 15:47

Overheating is a sign of a bad head gasket or cooling fan.

1st Mar 2012, 12:09

I had a 2002 Acura TL Type S, and it was absolutely terrible.

It seems lately I see people buying these used; perhaps they like the cachet of an upscale Honda at a current low used price at 10 years old. I can only suggest buy a newer used Civic for the same price. I know it's not an Acura, but we have had better luck with the drive train not crapping out. I mean needing a trans at only 28000 miles? That was a pretty clear indicator for us. You still have a Honda with a used Civic in the used car market.

Anyway, read the reviews on trans on the 2002 TLs and buy what you like best.

29th Mar 2012, 22:09

Bought my 2002 TL Type S new.

At 28,000 miles, the transmission slammed back into first gear from second at about 40mph. Acura replaced it free.

At 69,000 miles, it starting slipping from 2-3rd gear - once again they replaced it or rebuilt it. At that time I said - when it goes again at 110,000, who will pay for it? They said this time it is fixed right - though about the same time Acura extended the warranty on the tranny to 107,000 miles.

At 128,000 it went again - 3rd-4th gear - would not shift.

Now at 192,000 miles, with the clear coat gone on the car, needing a paint job, time for the timing belt and water pump replacement again, and the power steering pump needs to be replaced again. I am afraid if I fix all that stuff, that the tranny will go again.

The car is fun to drive, gets great gas mileage, good pick up, but lots of annoying things wrong with it - the brakes have always given me problems; calipers replaced, and the brakes are not wearing even at all.

Guess it is time to retire it - seems people want to buy this car - not sure why. As with other people - doubt if I will ever buy another Acura.

26th Apr 2012, 17:14

In order for Acura to fix the issue, you need to file a complaint with these 3 organizations.

1. http://www.nhtsa.gov/Contact

2. http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/contact.shtm

3. http://www.bbb.org

27th Apr 2012, 11:51

Or simply buy another car. We did when ours hit 41000 miles.

15th Mar 2013, 20:09

Bought a 2002 TL 2 days ago with 74,700 miles on it. The transmission failed on me while I was on the highway today. 2 days & 200 miles later. Stay away from this car.