2002 Alfa Romeo 147 Selespeed 2.0 Twin Spark from UK and Ireland


If I have to spend time on British roads, this is the best way to do it


One indicator lamp filled with water.

The engine under-tray came loose.

There is an intermittent "untraceable" loose-sounding component in the driver's door.

General Comments:

I chose this car for the semi-automatic gearbox, and the rest of it came as a pleasant surprise during the first test drive.

The performance isn't startling - Rolls-Royce's "adequate" best describes it - but it can cruise at high speed for hours on end and still have reserves of power for any eventuality.

The air conditioning is superb, and can almost make me forget the convertible I once owned.

The seats, with optional leather trim, are adjustable to a near-perfect position.

The Selespeed system has only ever had one problem, caused by overheating in extreme conditions: the rest of the time it has never missed a beat.

If I were given a free rein to improve it, I'd start with the headlights.

Its electronically enhanced handling is hard to fault, with seemingly endless reserves of grip.

The fuel consumption is an average of 31 mpg, now that the engine is nicely run in: at first it returned about 26-28.

Its reliability is a match for any vehicle I've ever owned or driven.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2003

28th Nov 2003, 06:47

I also had an intermittent noise from driver's door, was more prominent when accelerating and braking. Dealer fixed it by greasing the locking mechanism in the door frame and also by checking door position when closed. It worked though! Now of course passenger's door has started same noise!!!

2002 Alfa Romeo 147 Selespeed 2.0 Twinspark from Australia and New Zealand


Great value


Nothing serious yet. The thin rubber chin "spoiler" is really vulnerable and only stapled on. It separated early on and will be replaced at the first service.

There is an annoying noise from the doors which would appear to be the result of the extremely snug window seals rubbing slightly.

There is no CD stacker on this car, but the stereo occasionally hunts for it. This requires me to turn the whole system of and on again which "fixes" it.

General Comments:

This car ticks all the right boxes for me.

It looks a million dollars.

It is quick, comfortable and safe.

Electronic aids have taken a while to get used to, but seem to work well, eg EBD tends to pitch a under moderate braking - very disconcerting at first.

The Selespeed is also growing on me, but has taken a lot of time and practice to get used to.

The interior is lovely, but the instruments are hard to read in daylight because of reflections.

The finish seems very good, nice thunky door closing and everything seems well put together - at least as good as my old VW Polo.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2003

2002 Alfa Romeo 147 Lusso 2.0 Twinspark from UK and Ireland


A delight to own - I just can't help wondering about long-term reliability


Rattle from behind driver's side rear three-quarter panel caused by seat belt: replaced under warranty.

Water leak causing moderate accumulation in driver's footwell eventually traced to "A" pillar and repaired under warranty, but took dealer 2 weeks to do this.

General Comments:

It is difficult to imagine a more satisfying car to look at and drive without entering the realm of unaffordable exotics.

Roadholding, performance, level of equipment, and engine note are very pleasing.

Petrol consumption not too bad (40 mpg), but not brilliant either.

Alfa dealers don't match the car's aspirational quality.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2003

24th Apr 2006, 10:53

The Brera's a gorgeous car. I can only hope Alfa gets back to the States within my lifetime. I've heard about quality issues with Alfas, but when will you ever own something as beautiful?

2002 Alfa Romeo 147 Lusso 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Looks and drives great, various problems let it down


Engine management system chip (engine shaped warning light) X 2.

Rear Fog light failure warning light comes on when it feels like it, currently in tandem with the rear wash/wipe!

Clutch is getting noisy (squeals from cold).

Drivers seat very noisy when shifting weight (dealer unable to rectify).

Various rattles from dashboard, front passenger door, rear passenger seat and door.

Odd smells from the Climate Control, apparently need to run at max hot/cold periodically to clear any germs.

Flat battery overnight, breakdown man nor the dealer unable to explain why.

Leaking coolant hose.

Delivered with three small dents (dealer rectified)

General Comments:


Paintwork chips/scratches and generally marks very easily, which leads me to question the quality of the paint.

I still don't believe Alfa have solved the build quality problems, finish, fit, rattles etc.

Dealer generally doesn't seem to care.

Servicing costs are not cheap, close to £200 for 11,000/12 month service in south of UK.

Fuel consumption only satisfactory with a light right foot.

Lots of wind noise around the windscreen at motorway speeds, may be due to exposed wipers?

Only room for kids in the back and boot space small.


Looks gorgeous, still the best looking car in the Corporate car park.

Interior is good.

Sounds great, drives well.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2003

25th Mar 2003, 09:31

I wish Alfa would listen to their customers and try to rectify some of the problems which have occurred in their cars Europe and even worldwide.

If I was Alfa I'd make sure my dealers were all of the same quality and offered the same high service.

I find it amazing the cost of your first service, basically double the cost of what it is here in Belgium.