2000 Alfa Romeo 156 Lusso 1.8 TS from UK and Ireland


Wolf in Wolf's Clothing


Whistle from rear brake pads (due to poor servicing in the past.

Pads Seized in calipers.

Spare Red Transponder key does not work (WHY)

No Joy from Alfa, they don't know why.

Wind noise from sunroof.

General Comments:

Why oh why do Alfa dealers dismiss the end user when we have a genuine problem. The car is wonderful to drive with very smooth pick up, build quality is very good (better than my last 155) but getting help from dealers a no go.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2002

6th Jul 2002, 12:22

The rear brake pad whistle has occurred on every 156 that I know of. It's annoying, but actually is not serious and is quickly remedied.

Our dealership, Platts in Stoke on Trent, have been excellent - but I agree, some dealerships are not as good. At the end of the day it's down to the quality of the staff.

BTW I'm not affiliated to any dealer.

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 JTD 2.4 from UK and Ireland


A stunning high-performance garden ornament


I have a recurrent problem with the immobiliser, the immobiliser, and dare I say it again?, the immobiliser on my Alfa 156 2.4JTD.

The fault first occurred 4 months following purchase from new, and 18 months on, the local dealer has so far changed the electronic management unit, the ignition keys and repeatedly tested and corrected faults in the wiring loom (connections and termination points) from end-to-end.

I have not been away from the garage for longer than 3 months at a time, and still, the same fault persists.

When the ignition key is inserted, the immobiliser light stays 'on', which does not allow the car to start. You have to repeatedly remove and re-insert the key, offer up a quick prayer, then try to re-start if the immobiliser light finally goes out. It's completely hit-or-miss whether it starts or not.

Being an intermittent problem makes it even harder to actually demonstrate to the mechanic. Every time the problem is once again 'fixed' at the garage, it's now a question of how many days/weeks/months may pass before it happens again, which so far, it sadly, but inevitably does.

The other (newer) fault appears when driving and the accelerator pedal is depressed, eg when overtaking on a motorway. There is, for an instant, no power whatsoever, resulting in a momentary 'lag' before the power is delivered. Pretty scarey when you are overtaking at speed.

General Comments:

Having read the other entries on this web-site, I am sad, but heartened to find that I am not the only Alfa-owner experiencing car problems. I am however appalled that Alfa seem to think this car-ownership experience is either satisfactory or indeed, acceptable.

The problem with the immobiliser has stranded me on many occasions in some pretty remote car parks at some strange hours of the day - I frequently travel to Europe from UK airports in the course of my work.

The problem with the power-lag is just down-right scarey.

I bought a new car because I needed a reliable vehicle that provided safe transportation for my business and leisure needs. I also wanted a high-performance car that was fun to drive.

The Alfa 156 in JTD-form with lowered sport suspension is truly exquisite to drive. When I can start it.

Safe, reliable and fit for purpose? Alfa-lutely not.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2002

22nd Oct 2003, 03:56

I had the immobilizer problem with my V6 petrol. You put the key in the key symbol light stays on and it turns over, but won't start. I asked my local Alfa dealer and they diagnosed the aerial situated inside the ignition barrel that picks up a signal from the key was faulty. They replaced it and I haven't had the problem since. I hope this helps.

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 Selespeed Veloce 2.0 TSpark from UK and Ireland


If it wasn't for the awful reliability, and dealers, I'd be a happy Alfa Romeo owner


Selespeed, button was sticking.

2 weeks after having the car, it didn't recognize the "Key-code" on my key, and had to have a new ECU. I didn't have the car for a week, as it had to come from Italy.

Selespeed ECU needed to be replaced after two months. This took two weeks to come from Italy.

Selespeed actuator needed to be replaced.

Boot was out of alignment. The rear screen was fitted incorrectly at the factory. This had to be put right so that the boot could be realigned.

Most recently (Feb 2002), the Selespeed gearbox kept going into Nuetral. You couldn't do anything about it, and the first two times it cleared itself within an hour. This happened three times in two days. The last time it happened, I made the travel report because of the long tail backs I'd caused on the A12.

I'm currently trying to return the car for a standard gearbox version. If you can get a trouble-free Selespeed, you'll really enjoy it. Personally I don't think such a thing exists.

General Comments:

Superb handling, I recently had Michelin Pilot Sport tyres fitted, and I get out of the car grinning each time I make a journey.

Looks great, by far one of the most distinctive cars on the road. I can't help, but to look back at it, each time I walk away from it.

Steering lock is really poor. I can't remember having to do so many three and five point turns in a car before.

Recaro seats are great.

Clarion CD player lacks Depth of sound.

Sports suspension is a must, gives the car a more purposeful stance.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2002

25th Feb 2002, 15:33

Is there ANYONE, ANYWHERE who has been fortunate enough to have a trouble-free Selespeed...? I'm relieved I opted for the manual...