2000 Alfa Romeo 156 JTD 2.4 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A flawed beauty


Immobilizer failed after 2 months. Car was off the road for 3 weeks as keys had to be returned to Italy for a new 'keybox' to be made.

Rear wheel bearings had to be replaced after 6000 miles.

Due to very uneven tyre wear the tracking has had to be adjusted 3 times since new.

The bolt on the tracking rod seized after 30000 miles.

Faulty ABS sensor replaced after 31000 miles.

The rear brake hose (N/S) failed causing the brakes to seize. Both hoses and pads had to be replaced after 32000 miles.

General Comments:

The car is a delight to drive. The engine is quick and responsive.

Superb fuel economy on long motorway journeys - very thirsty on short trips.

Best looking saloon on the roads - bar none!

Handles extremely well. Great fun to throw around corners on country roads.

If only the reliability and build quality were better Alfa would have a world beater on its' hands.

Owning an Alfa is like parenting a difficult child - you love it despite its' faults.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2002

16th Sep 2002, 07:23

Agree with you about 156 Jtd, I have left review (3 September) On 3rd set of front tyres (Not cheapies!!) have had tracking done a lot... Alfa insist they are not aware of a problem and will not contribute a penny!! Come on Alfas play the game...It's a real pity as I love the car, but you must not let your heart rule your head... Its gotta go!! Alfa aftersales Dire!! No wonder Fiat auto are losing shed loads of money??

11th Sep 2004, 05:21

Good looking? It's as beautiful as a whelk sucking a lemon. The styling's GHASTLY!

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 TSpark 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Good looking car with some serious personality problems


Accelerator cable disconnected from pedal whilst driving on the motorway.

Rear brake pad rubbed against disc causing grating noise whilst driving around corners.

ECU failed and car then failed to run at all. Whilst trying to start the car when this problem first occurred the car backfired causing the exhaust manifold to shatter. Total repair cost to me £1100 for a new ECU and manifold.

The fuse box cover on the drivers side keeps falling off onto my legs whilst driving.

General Comments:

I've had the car for just over 6 months and it's been off the road for 1 month. I've read lots of reviews on this site from drivers who love the car and don't get me wrong I love it's looks, but don't be seduced! This car is fast becoming a money pit.

Once I've got my money's worth I'm going to trade it in for a BMW.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2002

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 Veloce 1.8 TS from UK and Ireland


Performance and looks for under £19,000


The car was loosing Anti - Freeze, it needed topping up every 350 miles.

New steering rack needed at 12000 miles, unfortunately you cannot replace certain parts on the 156, you have to replace the whole thing.

Front door handle stick.

Leaking sunroof.

General Comments:

The car sticks to the road like it is on rails, especially now it has had its new steering rack fitted.

Although it has had it's fault, I think I am finally there, High performance vehicle with looks to make any BMW, Mercedes or Porsche driver take a sneaky look as you power past them on the motorway!!

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Review Date: 28th June, 2002

12th Sep 2002, 10:43

The vehicle has now done 17,000 and is going in again on the 25th September to have another new steering rack fitted - carry on at this rate and I reckon it will be averaging 4 steering racks a year - dealer service so far has been better than last time - we shall see!!

Other problems that have occurred since I wrote this original report - brake pedal seizing up, boot spring gave way, enabling the large boot spoiler to crack the rear windscreen and the fuse box cover falls off so often I made decision to super glue it on - hope a fuse doesn't go!!

Although performance and looks continue to be outstanding, I do have to ask myself - is it time for me to, but a BMW???