2000 Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 24v 2.5 V6 24v from Netherlands


Stunning looks, fast en magnificent soundtrack.


Very little. Once the air-intake sensor had a loose contact such that the engine jumped into an "emergency program" (not so funny on the German Autobahn though being limited to 2000revs). Was fixed by the dealer after a computer readout in 15 minutes.

General Comments:

Very happy with this car. Stunning looks, fantastic soundtrack and pretty quick.

Compared to my previous car, an Audi A3 1.8turbo, the build quality is equal if not better. After 3 years, covering over 120K kilometers the car does not produce any rattles or cracking sounds (unlike my audi). It is like new.

Performance is very good especially above 5000revs. The engine only produces 222Nm torque max, which is not a lot. You need to drive on power, not on torque. So, make sure you are in the right gear. I spend a lot of kilometers on the German Autobahn at high speed, fuel consumption is about 14.5 liter per 100kilomters. Oil usage is 1 liter per 8000 kilometers constant. This is very good for an Alfa V6.

You are almost king on the Autobahn, a BMW330i is not able to overtake you :-) a "non-S Porsche Boxter" will have a hard time loosing you :-) ) expect to see some suprised faces.

A negative aspect is the high turning circle. Probably due to the 6-speed gearbox. Not handy in a narrow parking garage though.

It has "babe magnet" potential, if you interested in that kind of thing.

I will most definitly buy an Alfa again. Very very good car!

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Review Date: 1st December, 2003

8th Jan 2006, 15:11

The poor turning circle is nothing to do with the gearbox as all recent Alfa's suffer from this. It is caused by a combination of the quick rack power steering and the front suspension geometry. Although the long wheelbase also has an effect. Other than that glad you enjoyed the car, I had one the same and loved it although I sold it to buy a 6 speed 3 litre GTV which was better still.

20th May 2007, 09:13

Hi, just wondering if you still have the car? I'm looking at buying one second hand, but it has done 150K km which is a concern. wondering how yours is holding up...

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 Selespeed 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Marriage breaker


Selespeed Gearbox locked up. Internal failing of the machined cast gear selector guide hole. The broken piece of the guide hole ruined the gearbox by jamming inside the gears.

Rear suspension bushes needed to be replaced in order to pass it first MOT.

General Comments:

Do not buy and Alfa Romeo. The customer service from Alfa Romeo UK based with the very poor reliability will leave you a very big overdraft.

However, the car looks nice.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2003

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS Sport Pack 2 2.0 Twin Spark from UK and Ireland


A fast-depreciating, but awesome driving experience


Sidelight bulb blown.

Headlamp washer pipe has perished.

Paintwork finish is pitifully poor. Scratches and chips without the slightest encouragement.

Stereo sometimes comes on without warning.

Traffic Info feature comes on very loudly and the volume won't turn it down.

Boot wouldn't open when I took delivery of the car. Dealer fixed it without hesitation, but tried to charge me for the use of a courtesy car while the locks were changed.

General Comments:

Oil filler cap is very difficult to get at to turn, unless you have very thin fingers.

The car is very rapid and feels solid and purposeful.

It handles like a dream. Goes exactly where you point it, QUICKLY. You will struggle to break traction with the uprated factory suspension kit. A blast to throw around roundabouts. Great fun.

A very rewarding car to own, if you can afford to keep it on the road. I can't.

Dealer servicing prices are ridiculously high. £780 for a 60,000 mile service and cambelt change? And that figure was plucked off the top off his head without much thought. See below.

Dealer knowledge seems very limited, they don't fill me with confidence. Can't get a straight answer to anything without them appearing "shifty" or being "on the make".

Tyre wear is nowhere near as bad as people suggest. I've done 9000 miles on these Pirellis and they still have at least 3mm of meat on them.

Depreciation is a huge blow. My advice would be to buy a cheap secondhand (3yrs old) and keep it a while. Don't expect to trade it in in a years time. If you do a lot of miles, forget it and buy something else. The Alfa dealers will completely snub you when you come to want to trade in. Someone I met tried to trade her 2yr old Veloce (30,000 miles) and was offered £6000 against a new 156. Pitiful. The car cost her £18,000 new.

Interior is pleasant enough, but it's starting to look dated.

Trip meter/ outside temp gauge button is located in a really inconvenient position. It may as well be on the outside of the car!

Every 156 I see seems to have a boot that doesn't fit properly. Check for water ingress in the boot.

If you open the boot in the rain, all the water runs down the lid, into the channels and then into the boot.

Fuel economy is average. Expect around 440 miles from a full tankful if consistently driving on motorways at 70mph. Expect 480 miles if you stick to 60. Expect 280 - 310 if driving around town.

Headlights are worse than useless. My bicycle illuminates the road more effectively.

The car looks "the bees knees"!!

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2003

7th Jan 2004, 09:20

Totally agree with you about the UK Alfa dealers - they are shocking once they have made the sale. Great car though, just let down by the lack of after sales care from Alfa!

20th Jan 2008, 09:15

The best bet with these cars is either to repair them yourself or take them to a specialist. Mechanically they are not really any more complicated than any other brand. I agree with the headlights being poor, but replacing the bulbs with Philips Vision Plus 50% makes a huge improvement.